Got game: stars, whose career ended after plastic surgery

August 24, 2016

These celebrities were beautiful, attractive, special… But the desire to “fit” their appearance under certain standards and constant dissatisfaction with the result led to the fact that plastic surgery not only ruins their appearance but also put an end to his career. We have collected the history of that perfection still needs to be a limit.

Jennifer Grey

Actress one role Jennifer grey was very popular after the movie “Dirty dancing”, which became a true legend. Jennifer predicted a successful career in the film industry, but she has crossed all by herself… grey it seemed that her nose is too big, and lips too thin. Several operations, and now the actress doesn’t look like herself. Of course, Directors and producers, whom she drew in the role of Baby, the new “rubber” a person is not interested — it’s all over.

Lara Flynn Boyle

Star of TV series “twin Peaks Lara Flynn Boyle differed exquisite appearance — the delicate beauty of lush hair is loved by many. Who knows what role could still expect Lara if she hadn’t “rearranged” his face — to know her is almost impossible. With the “new” person she played in the movie “Men in black 2” (but who now remembers that part?), and further the name of Lara Flynn Boyle flashed in the press in connection with plastic surgery. Alas…

Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan has always been distinguished — looking appearance-the image of pretty blonde became her “calling card”, the actress starred in the famous movie “Sleepless in Seattle”, “doors”, “French kiss”, and also many slightly less noticeable pictures. We have no doubt that after 40 years for the famous Meg there would be roles that don’t make it plastic. Now the face of the actress looks like a mask, and her lips certainly interfere talk — there’s a movie?

Emmanuel Bear

Emanuel Bear was a girl of rare beauty: sophisticated, sexy, a real French woman! She starred in the Ozone and became known far beyond his native France, but the desire Emmanuelle become even more beautiful cost her her career — well, who in their right mind would call in his film a woman with SUCH lips and it is so immobilized by Botox face? That’s right, nobody.

Tori Spelling

Star of TV series “Beverly hills 90210” beauty never was — the tories a very unusual appearance, which made her special. Tori herself was, of course, disagree and have taken to “fix” the flaws. Alas, but the second Megan Fox not got the spelling just ruined my face and had no more notable roles in the TV series or movie.

Melanie Griffith

Now the ex-wife of Antonio Banderas Melanie Griffith became interested in plastic before managed to get all the credit from his career in the movies. The name Melanie now and then read in the tabloids, but all news about it are not associated with new roles, and with plastic surgery and divorce. The face of the actress has long ceased to be attractive — all because of operations.

Daryl Hannah

The appearance of the actress Daryl Hannah many thought would be ideal, because she is tall and blond with regular features. But Daryl did not think so! After starring in the movie “Kill bill” the girl began to “fix” their flaws and disprovals to the point that it is now not removed. Well, as you can represent an artificial person? Materials

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