Good-bye, the push-up! Bra with natural cups are gaining popularity

December 6, 2016

Fragile, Apoderinae, sitting down after a few washings — no underwire bras have never been in fashion. But buy them!

And the line of this underwear is even Marks & Spencer, H&M and Topshop.
What it attracts?

If you’re 20, and the size of your Breasts — A or b, the ease and convenience of bras with no underwire obvious. For women over 40 with large Breasts that is not the case.

Becky John, a specialist in underwear, says that for many women aged over 40 has great value comfort:

“Many women hate bras hard. Someone allergic to Nickel bone and fasteners.
Oddly enough, even women with larger Breasts prefer bras without underwire. They don’t want to emphasize the Breasts as do bras underwire, lifting her. Bras with no underwire helps to visually reduce the breast.

Fortunately, progress does not stand still, and today you can find a lot of great models: Magic line Wire from Triumph is a great padded bras. Models Silent Assembly uses nylon bone instead of metal. Freya also offers support bras”.

But is this lingerie for women with large breast size?
Four women with Breasts of different size compared to the bras without underwire and regular bras.

Frankie Park, 50 model, has two children 17 and 26 years.
The size of her Breasts — 34C.

“If you don’t count pregnancy, my size has always been a 34C. Before kids I could easily do without a bra, but now my Boobs need support.
I wear bras with no underwire because they are easier and not so much pressure on the ribs. I liked the color of this bra, but it is too thin straps.
Women with large Breasts need bras with wide straps that will not crash into the shoulders. The underwire bra was much more comfortable. It looks better and gives more support.”

Debra Peters-mill, 44, coordinator on labour protection at the local Council.
The size of her Breasts — 36D.

“With my size choice bra always was difficult. I always bought bras with no underwire because they are not so much emphasize the chest.
Bras underwire seemed too voluminous. However, the proposed wearing Underwired bra, I’ve changed my mind. It is not too much raises the Breasts, feminine and beautiful.”

Fiona Davis, 42, the owner of courses of financial education.
The size of her Breasts — 34DD.

“After pregnancy my Breasts have increased and decreased so much that I had to buy bras in specialty stores.
I usually wear underwire bras because they emphasize the chest and give me confidence. When I tried wearing bras with no underwire, it was comfortable, but I feel flat-chested.
If I need comfort, I’m better not going to wear a bra at all. The bralette looks feminine and beautiful, but for a run I will not be gone. This underwear is more suitable for family bedroom”.

Eva Von Micka, 59, actress.
The size of her Breasts — 34D.

“My Breasts have always been proportionate figure, but after menopause I noticed the change.
Its size changed from 36A to 34D. Perhaps this is because I ran a lot to lose weight, and because of this, the Breasts diminish. But I still always prefer bras with an underwire. They give good support, emphasize the Breasts and are very comfortable.
The only problem with them is sometimes a bone can pop out and start stabbing the ribs. However, the nylon does not cause me such discomfort”.

According to the materials dailymail Ekaterina Sarycheva

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