Fyodor Bondarchuk introduced the young bride with the family

August 16, 2016

Paulina Andreeva has not yet officially became the wife of Fyodor Bondarchuk, but his family seems to have adopted a new beloved head of the family.

Gossips claim that the 49-year-old Fedor Bondarchuk is preparing for the imminent wedding with new lover 27-year-old Paulina Andreeva. According to rumors, the Director has ruined a 25 year marriage with ex-wife Svetlana Bondarchuk for a young actress.

After news of the Roman artists, in the press there was an information that the son of Sergei Bondarchuk could not accept the divorce of their parents.”The gap between Svetlana and Fedor appeared long ago. But even after breaking up with his wife Fedor tries to spend much time with family as Sergei very upset,” shared friends of the son of the Director and his wife Tata in an interview with Starhit.

However, the Director is doing everything to restore the family good relations. Now he went with his bride on vacation on the Spanish resort of Marbella, where Sergei is resting with family, and introduced to Paulina with your favorite granddaughters Margaret and Faith. But now, apparently, the differences are left behind and the bride Bondarchuk was able to find a common language with the family of the groom.

Photo: @paulina_andreeva_official_page
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