From what account you were a child affects your adult family life

February 1, 2017

Of course, there are exceptions, but in General, it greatly affects your personality.

Psychologist Lena Blair says that brought a pattern between how much you had brothers and sisters one of them held — and your adult family life.

“Early experience determines our whole life. No absolutely hard and fast rule for everyone, but there are General trends.”


As a rule, older children are more responsible and try to do well. Their romantic relationships in adulthood is usually stable and serious, they are not scattered Hobbies. They are well able to take care of the partner.

But there is a negative side: in a pair of the older children tend to be in control and this control can be annoying and Intrusive.


The eternal peacemakers, seekers, and, most importantly, able to find compromises. They are flexible, diplomatic and, as a rule, very honest.
The downside of the flexibility is the ease with which they fall under foreign influence. Sometimes they too are not confident in their abilities and often do not understand what they want from life.


They are almost always playful, changeable and often selfish. The positive side is their ability to turn on the charm and all agree. Serious drawback — their levity and carelessness, sometimes leading partners into a frenzy.
Junior used to be the center of attention and I think it’s normal that their emotional and physical needs must be satisfied first.


They are usually responsible and reliable. They never had to compete for the attention of parents, so they take it for granted that their emotional and physical needs must be addressed first.
Simply put, they are very demanding in love.

The best partner for them would be the eldest child. Their Outlook on life in terms of responsibility a great match and they get along just fine.

The worst partner for the only will be the youngest in the family. It is an eternal war for your attention, and the levity of the younger, which only never take.

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Ekaterina Sarycheva

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