Friendship between a man and a woman exist. But why?

January 31, 2017

If you have heard from the men this phrase in response to the question “And who is this beautiful blonde that I saw you yesterday?”, believe him — believe writer Alexander cypkin that friendship between a man and a woman exist.

Don’t know what women mean by friendship. But I can make a point that they have a substance unsteady. Good two happy or two accidents, two beautiful or two… with a special appearance. And if one life is changed for the better, the balance is broken, the friendship fizzles.
Sometimes men also compete in the size of the purse and other advantages and can on this basis to quarrel a bit. But overall, two guys unlikely to be difficult to deal with due to the fact that one — a loving husband, and the other not, or that first look in the restaurant, girl and the second for their attention forever forced to pay for someone else’s table.

Without unnecessary formality

Male friendship is easier. As you know, a symbiosis of the two systems leads to a simplification that is more complicated. And friendship between a man and a woman. It becomes an easy and unsophisticated, just like between men, while still possible only in two cases: either in the complete absence of romantic interest or after a lovely relationship ended by mutual consent. But even this stable system subject to turbulence in the form of sex, often drunk. This can not be translated into regularity, and it’s better to nip it in the Bud.
I know many men who truly are friends with ex-girlfriends. Ex — she’s a native man, saw you in tears, naked in socks. It is possible to trust to tell everything. And no jealousy to their current these of my friends do not. The current itself, however, sometimes sparks. You can understand why once again to demonstrate the proximity?
Another option: nothing happened and you both do not aspire to this. There is no third, whoever that may say. I believe that persuasion “He talks to her just because her really wants, but she resists” — complete nonsense. If a man really just wants sex, he will not long play in the friendship, it will start quiet woman to hate. Unfulfilled desire will ruin any good feeling. And there is something to spoil. Come old age, sex pass, and you will be all the same, one chest, and one bristle. Friendship is a wine that requires aging for six months only sour it.


If we leave out the evil plan “Zadruzhitsya to bed,” the question arises: why men communication with women? At least then, the girls are very smart and are not available to us wisdom and insight, especially when we are talking about the behavior of other women. And men with very helpful advice. Well, who else? With drinking buddies? Partners in draughts?
If to call things by their proper names, a female friend is among strangers. Best friend can predict the behavior of another friend and even go on a date with you, all at once became clear. I once did. Proposed new passion: “let’s Go to the movies! I’ll just be with each other” (and how else was I supposed to call Mary? She’s a true friend!). Come to a meeting in the company of clever and beautiful. You see, the guest stars shorted out. Well, she acted disgusting news, it was revealed the whole essence of it mosquito, showed rudeness, aggression and limited vocabulary. No, this is football we don’t need! But it would be one, and could not see that behind the beautiful Breasts hidden.

Hug and cry

The man-friend, if he is a real man, there is one feature — Manager syndrome. You to him with a problem he is the solution. And sometimes you want to just sympathize with you. In such cases not to do without fragile female shoulder to bury him and give up the slack.
She friend also indispensable as the object of concern. Feel well, just mother Teresa: helping not for the sake of oral sex or because I have to but from a Holy sense of community. Rise above yourself every time you change her winter tires(sorry, that time in July find) or the bulb screw in (backwards, but that’s details).
Another woman-a friend — a great critic of artistic and professional productions. Devote time and put my heart and soul, if you ask her opinion. Softbank will shrug or say, “I don’t really understand, but like anything”. Finally, a real friend is accurate lie detector. She notices when you’re lying to yourself, that’s what matters.


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