Four-legged doctor. Dog every day save the life of a girl with diabetes

December 8, 2016

When the girl was a year old, she was diagnosed with diabetes. To monitor the level of blood insulin needed. And then came to the aid of Labrador, Hero.

…She was a late child in the family, already bringing up four children. The fifth pregnancy of her mother were normal, but five days after birth the girl was diagnosed with down syndrome. Despite the shock of the parents and from the news, the first year of life little Sadie Brooks was relatively quiet. At 13 months she was diagnosed with another disease: diabetes type 1 diabetes.

“It was terrible,” says her mother Michelle. “I was so scared that she could die if we trace in time the critical level of sugar in her blood and won’t make the injection of insulin. I haven’t slept all night, we were both exhausted from the worry”.

In type 1 diabetes the pancreas does not produce enough insulin. As a result, the blood sugar may become dangerously low or high. To monitor its status instantly.

In desperation, the parents of Sadie, Michelle and Greg, turned for advice to group members on Facebook who are faced with the same problem. There they learned about the existence of dogs which are specially trained to detect when blood sugar levels of their master beyond the norm.

In search of a friend

But Sadie needed a special dog. Besides diabetes, the girl had many other health problems. She didn’t speak and didn’t act like other kids.

It was a long time before the family found a puppy, who seemed to them suitable. It was an eight-week yellow Labrador, who immediately found the approach to little Sadie.

“He was calm and patient, did not resist when she dragged him by the tail, and treated the children with great affection. He was beautiful!” – tells Michelle.

The puppy took the family and began to think what to call him. The name is supposed to be simple and short – that it could get Sadie. When someone said, Hero (“Hero”]. – “the hero”), Sadie immediately repeated. So the dog got its name.

In the next six months, Hero has passed intensive training. With him were the trainers, training to determine the level of sugar in the blood, Sadie. When he high – breath of the patient smells like rotten fruit. When low – odour, similar to metal.

Around the house were scattered swabs with normal and abnormal for a diabetic smells. When the Hero brought the crazy, he was given the award.

Strong communication

When the Hero was finally ready to fulfill its complex mission, it was brought to the family home of Brooks. Dog and Sadie immediately became friends. Wherever girl, the dog follows her, if she’s playing or watching cartoons – he was right there. Sadie is crying, the Hero is pressed to her and tries to console. But most importantly – he knows how to signal if the sugar level in her blood is changed.

“He comes to me or Greg and starts to poke his nose to our ears. So we understand that he has news, and extend our hands to him. If the Hero touches the left hand – sugar levels dropped, if right – on the contrary, increased. And then we put Sadie or insulin shot, or give something sweet,” explains Michelle.

This happens five times a day, and sometimes more often. When Sadie was once put in the hospital, the Hero did not find a place. The dog calmed down only when he took to he also visited his little mistress.

“The hero changed our lives. He is so sensitive to any changes in the body Sadie likes it, and so that we can fully trust him,” says Michelle.

Now, when Sadie goes to school, the Hero most of the time at home. And although we girls are hard to understand, she often mentions his friend and misses him when he’s home.

Now in the Brooks family are preparing for Christmas. And when Sadie’s will be taking pictures at the Christmas tree, next is sure to be her faithful friend, Hero.

“When I saw Sadie open her gifts, I feel an incredible sense of gratitude to the Hero because he keeps my daughter safe,” says Michelle.

Source: Anna Stachura

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