Former bodibildera honest about cellulite and fat on the sides

January 11, 2017

Former female bodybuilder replaced “religion”: a woman posted on the social network photo own of cellulite close-up and wrote that we need to recognize and accept their shortcomings.

Women should cease to aspire to the perfect body. Cellulite, big Breasts or a weak hand – not weaknesses, and peculiarities. To hear that from the former bodybuilders, at least, strange. But 32-year-old fitness blogger Molly Galbraith backed up words with actions, put in social networks a picture of your own cellulite.

“Many women are at war with your own body, and this is tragic: while they are absorbed by the size of their thighs, life is passing,” wrote Molly.

It further listed its own imperfections: cellulite on legs, stretch marks on Breasts and hips, the pleats on the belly. “The world wants me to be ashamed of it, but I’m not going to subdue your body of other people’s standards and ideals,” – said the athlete.

A bold statement supported already thousands of people around the world. In social networks there were about 12 thousand posts with words of solidarity and support. According to Molly, this has inspired her to organize the fitness movement in support of girls who take care of themselves through proper nutrition and sport.

Source: Anna Stachura

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