Fitness blogger showed a photo of their belly a month after giving birth. And there’s no abs

January 27, 2017

Two million followers in Instagram, own a fitness company and a perfect figure. This was before the birth of the second child.

Like it, the equivalent of millions of women around the world: beautiful, successful, with a perfect figure and the perfect family. Alexa Jean brown – a popular Instagram fitness blogger – nothing hides from its users. So the birth of her second child waited not only family Alex, but nearly two million subscribers.

When the baby was born, the photos in the account Alex @Alexajeanfitness become more perfect: a fabulously happy family with two beautiful children.

But all is not as perfect as it seems. And Alex decided not to hide from his followers the truth, laying out four weeks after the birth its self, which is visible not perfect belly.

“Because my job is to motivate you, I believe that I have to be honest,” he signed picture of Alex. “Our society has instilled in us the idea that a woman has to look perfect right after childbirth, but usually, it is unreal. I have stretch marks, my belly has not “gone”, and that’s perfectly fine.”

According to Alexa, when she was pregnant, turned to her client who wanted to repair a flat stomach the next day after delivery.

“When I gave birth, I ran immediately to practice. I stayed with my imperfect stomach and his wonderful child – like the first time. I can’t explain how I’m amazed that my body created these beautiful children,” wrote Alex.

Subscribers appreciated the honesty of Alexa on merit. If other photos averaged from 30 to 50 thousand “likes”, that the estimated more than 100 thousand people.

Source: Anna Stachura

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