Fifteen cute things that he does, and you don’t notice

February 2, 2017

Sometimes we complain about our knights for what they do and don’t pay attention to those manifestations of care, attention and affection to rejoice. Urgently corrected and begin to appreciate the fact that he:

  1. Calms you if you had a bad dream. The next morning you might not remember. But he hugged you, stroking her hair and whispering comforting until you relax and fall asleep — and this despite the fact that he woke up from a blow with your elbow on the nose when you are in the dream fought with monsters.

  2. After himself down the toilet seat. Not every woman understands how difficult it is for him to develop this habit, especially if a long time he lived alone. We take it for granted, but is a serious manifestation of attention and care.

  3. When the two of you walking on the street, he kept on the outside. Thus it covers you not only against accidental collisions with passers-by, coming towards you, but also from a potentially dangerous situation when a car or motorcyclist can not cope with the management and to depart the roadway on the sidewalk.

  4. Trying to impress you with household featsthat do not become less great. Than the repair or relocation easier battle with the dragon? And most importantly, in life often comes in handy.

  5. Seeking to pamper you, even if the wallet is almost empty. (Hope you liked the Italian restaurant because now you can sit on the pasta to paycheck.)

  6. Takes note of what you liked. So if once in your life you wanted to eat a glazed cheese — your attentive lover will solemnly put you cheese until you decide to confess, what to see them I can and dream about the jar of pickled mushrooms. And there will be Mushroom age.

  7. Not pulls the blanket over himself in the middle of the night. Even if you stole it and dug in it, like a hedgehog in the fall leaves. But he was sorry to Wake you, and he silently crawls under the edge that you inadvertently left free. And you sweetly snoring and not even know what it is for the sake of your peaceful sleep.

  8. Carries your bag for you, when your hands are busy. The feat here is not that he carries your stuff, although it is very nice of him. The feat that this thing is a purse. His brain writhing in atavistic fear, “Oh gods and spirits, another step — and people will decide that this bag is mine,” and he is itself and eyebrow does not lead.

  9. Late wrote you an SMS. You think the guys are a pleasure to send all these stupid emoticons and smack, smack? No, he took sentimental nonsense, and today didn’t sleep, only to you.

  10. Watching your favorite show and only occasionally makes fun of it. If not refrain from sarcastic comments. You can not imagine what a great force of will for this need!

  11. Patronizing embraces you, when the field of view show up something suspicious. Maybe your guy prefers to make love, not war. But this does not mean that he is unable to stand up for you.

  12. Propasal for you food, if you worked late. Of course, it would be possible to order sushi, but it’s so sweet that he took care of you. Especially cool if the food from your diet, not from him.

  13. Use the Cologne you like, not him, because he’s not one himself sniffing.

  14. Puts on your computer is a good antivirus and giving you a bunch of useful utilities. And not because you tortured him with requests “to see why it doesn’t do anything” ;))

  15. Smooth shaves. He does not particularly look like a kid, and the machine to swing once again reluctant, but now it will not scratch your delicate skin from kissing and caresses. Though collapsed his childhood dream to play with ZZ Top.


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