July 2, 2016

Any holiday is complete without food. Before filing on the table, the main dishes are sandwiches to warm up the appetite of the guests. This type of festive appetizers include canapés, tarts, sandwiches, the usual for our country size and hot.

Any festive sandwiches made to beautifully decorate to have an aesthetic and elegant look. In the form of jewelry most often used herbs: dill, parsley and lettuce. You can also use fresh cucumber, black olives, green olives, grated cheese. Some people still draw patterns with mayonnaise. These simple decorations create a very attractive look and even more warm up the appetite.

What is the difference between a canape from the plate

Translated from the French canapé is a tiny sandwich. Its weight ranges from 60 to 80 g and a thickness of from 0.5 to 7 cm on the Basis of its parameters, components of the sofas can be of various compatible products: meat, fish, cheese, sausage, cucumber, black olives, green olives. The basis of the canopy is toast, smeared with a thin layer of butter or olive oil. Canapés are usually strung on a skewer, so as not collapsed, and served to the holiday table-buffet. These sandwiches can serve as an appetizer to the champagne or wine. Tarts is a small basket (approx 10 cm), made of unleavened dough, in which is placed the fillings (both savoury and sweet), and bake in the oven.

Those who are waiting for guests, you can experiment and cook a delicious festive sandwiches, the recipes for which are provided below.

Canape with chicken and cherry tomatoes

For the preparation you will need:

– toast bread (without crust);

– sunflower oil (3-4 tbsp);

– garlic (1 clove);

– chicken fillet (200-500 g);

– cherry tomatoes (depending on the number of scheduled canapés);


– seasoning (black pepper, turmeric, curry, nutmeg).

Stages of preparation:

cook chicken (20 minutes);

– heat the pan with sunflower oil and fry in it the garlic cloves, then remove it;

– cut chicken into cubes, spread on a pan, salt, add spices, stirring all the time. Those who love spicy in equal proportions add the peppers, turmeric, curry powder – 1/3 teaspoon and ¼ nutmeg. For those who are not sharp – reduce dose of spice, but maintain the proportion;

my cherry tomatoes;

– take out the chicken, add more sunflower oil (1 tbsp) and fry the tomatoes for 1 minute;

– the bread can be fried slightly in a toast or cut into small pieces. On each put a slice of chicken, tomato and fasten it with skewers.

On the table you can serve, garnished with dill or parsley.

These sandwiches with festive photos have a lot of options:

Tartlets with mushrooms and cheese

For the preparation you will need:

– baskets (depending on number of guests);

– mushrooms (300-500 g);

– onion (1 small or 1/2 large head);

– sunflower oil (2-3 tbsp.);

– Parmesan cheese or Ademar (100-120 g);


– spices (black pepper, turmeric, curry, nutmeg).

Stages of preparation:

– clean and cut the mushrooms (thin slices) and onions (small cubes);

– in a pan heat the sunflower oil and put into it the mushrooms with onions, salt, add seasonings (for thrill in equal proportions, mix the pepper, turmeric, curry powder – 1/3 teaspoon and ¼ nutmeg). All the time mix;

– on a medium grater grate the cheese, 1/2 of the mass of mix with the slightly cooled mushrooms;

– take the basket and put them in the prepared stuffing;

– sprinkle the remaining cheese mass;

– bake in the oven for not more than 5-7 minutes.

With a photo it turns out so:

Bon appetit!

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