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February 4, 2017

The new hero of Russian youth and fans of the series could be a Russian Patrick Swayze – also knows how to fight, and dance. But while the filmmakers are more interested in its serial dramas, and the actor most strongly interested in his own family.

Paul was born in Kazakhstan, in a large family. Future dad the actor was a professional boxer and her mother is a choreographer. By the way, Priluchny is the name mom. When the boy grew older, the family moved to Novosibirsk region, Berdsk, which in 90-e years, compared with the Moscow region Lyubertsy – because of the rampant crime in these settlements.

Not difficult to guess what were the Hobbies and small Paul. Of course, the box that it was sent by the Pope, was interested in Paul more than a dance school, which insisted the mother.

Like many boys, after watching “Brigade” and other movies and TV series, popular in the 90s, Pasha was fascinated by the romance of the criminal life and confessed her mother that she wanted to be a gangster.

Priluchny often involved in domestic fights. The actor admits that still “has not learned to talk.” In each situation, seeming him is unjust, a man prefers to beat, and not to speak.

To distract the child from hooligan life, his parents sent him still in music school that the boy attended for about five years. At mom’s insistence that he not quit and choreography, though, and admits that dancing was hateful to him.

He was 13 when the father of a large family Priluchny died. This was a serious blow for a teenager. He tried not to fall into despair and thought how now to help your mother? But the age was too small for independent action.


The life and adventures of Teddy jap (2011)

Over the next three years while Paul finished school, left without a father a family with three children is much impoverished. Paul understood that the decision on further study he would have to accept yourself and take care of yourself.

With these thoughts he went to Novosibirsk. The boy never ceased to mentally thank mother, insisted at the time that the son graduated from the choreographic school, because the diploma was a pass in choreographic school, hoped Paul.

But Novosibirsk was also drama school, Paul decided to try to go there first. Talented and ambitious young man brilliantly passed the entrance exams, once on the course the Professor of GITIS.

Still a student, he was invited to the Novosibirsk theatre “Globus”, which brilliantly sang several main roles in different productions and also starred in the musical. After finishing a stage actor understood that the provincial stage he is too small. Without telling anyone, Paul went to conquer the capital.


How to marry a millionaire (2012)

He arrived in Moscow, accumulating fifteen thousand for a rented room, but on the first day ran into the scams that took his money and housing is not provided. Overnight the young man had at the station. In the morning he announced the fraud to the police, but there was skeptical, they say, more cheaply got off.

Angry at the world, Priluchny came to the office of the offenders and made it a fight. To get the money back failed, but Paul felt avenged.

But came he to go to the theater and not shaking his fists. Nothing to do, have to go for entrance exams. In the first round in the school-Studio of MKHAT Pasha finally got lucky. Not only is he perfectly passed the exam, but met a girl who listened to his story and agreed to adopt at the time of admission.

After a few days Paul found his name in the lists of arrived and received a room in a hostel. With the girl and failed.


Method Laurel (2011)

For two years he studied at a prestigious University before she met the famous American actress Nikki reed. She came to Russia to visit a friend, who was a student at Mat course for foreigners.

The charming star was delighted with the beautiful and athletic Russian student. A few volleys of her beautiful eyes – and the actor was ready to go for the diva on the edge of the earth. She insisted that her Russian love – it’s forever, and promised to take Priluchnogo with me in the USA.

Still quite naive in matters of the heart, the young man even quit University and went to work in a restaurant to save money for a ticket to America and go to a country sweetheart. She flew back, but phone calls, emails and messages in social networks, was just as hot as kissing American beauty.

However, some time later, when Paul was already preparing the documents to enter the United States, Nikki stopped responding to calls and letters. Her holiday romance was over. Of interest to Paul she had lost, and he lost a place at the prestigious school of the Moscow art theatre.

Ended the story a new attempt to obtain capital education: Priluchny he entered GITIS, which, this time, kept.


A matter of honor (2013)

While still in University he began to receive offers from film Directors, but starred only in the first episodes. The real fame he brought the film of Paul Sanaeva “the game”, which was followed by a role in TV series “Closed school”.

Several films and TV series was the actor for the rank and file while on the screens released film about the drama, “C”, for which the actor was recognized and loved throughout all the country.

He had fame and money. It is no longer needed, what his family lacked in childhood. The actor admits that prosperity came to him, and problems with alcohol and long nights.

In one interview he says he sometimes Wake up in a cold sweat and didn’t know where he is, what he’s doing, where his next move. It all seemed futile. He understood that change lives can only be some serious shake-up.


Closed school (2011-2012)

More on the filming of the series “Closed school”, stretching for several seasons, Priluchny got acquainted with the actress Agatha muceniece. He admits that at first they were just friends – real friends.

However, once he caught myself thinking that with envy looking at the then boyfriend of the actress, with whom she had a passionate relationship with the quarrels and reconciliations.

They’ve worked together, he knew for a partner for the set, as the closest person, and understand that he needs a wife. Now he recalls with a smile that did not immediately realize the unusual warm attitude, the desire to protect her, the desire to be around and is called true love!

One day he just said, “let’s get married”. She didn’t believe in the seriousness of the Flank of chatter: “what are You, crazy?” replied.

The actor recalls: no one was neglected, no one wanted, like Agatha.

He says that Agatha his kindness and affection, his appearance in his life was rescued by a young and talented Priluchnogo from alcoholism, permanent night partying and the unworthy of life, which started to tighten.

Today the couple has two children – a son Timothy and daughter MIA. Their couple is one of the most strong, and the recent premiere of the second part of “Major” again has pleased fans of the actor.

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