False eyelashes: we all did everything wrong!

August 9, 2016

If you still think that false eyelashes cannot stick so that it looked naturally, keep in mind: don’t you just glue them in there!

How to paste false eyelashes

Once the makeup artist Vincent Oquendo and stylist Sonny Brooke worked on the image of the model to participate in a fashion shoot. A person to be more expressive, Vincent decided to add false eyelashes and almost started to work, but then Sonny stopped him and suggested how to stick the lashes.

“Vince, one Russian model has taught me that now change your view of the world. Tape my lashes are not natural, and UNDER them. Just do it, and you realize that that Russian girl is a genius”.

Vincent obeyed. Let’s see what happened!

How to stick false eyelashes: video

Curling eyelashes, it is dipped in glue the roots of artificial eyelashes, using tweezers gently put a beam under the natural eyelashes of the model. By the way, she said she was so much more comfortable than when eyelashes glued on top!

How to stick the lashes at home? We decided to check out: our editor tried out a new method of using false eyelashes and was convinced I would not stay there, quietly and looks great!

PS: unfortunately, we are unable to find out the name of the model, which prompted Sunny brook the idea, but terribly proud that she is our compatriot!

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