Fairy tales for girls does not exist: as favorite heroine lied to us

January 31, 2017

You probably think your childhood the happiest time favorite tales and also still remember fondly. But what actually have they taught you?

Beauty and the Beast

This tale you will most likely remember the cartoon, the script which is very different from literary basis, but you also know, even if you have not read: a tale of the French novelist Gabrielle Suzanne de Villeneuve and familiar to you since childhood, “Scarlet flower” Aksakov almost nothing from each other do not differ. And morality, respectively, they are the same: the main thing – not external, but internal, and you need to love not for beauty. And for what?

For that Belle, she she, fell in love with a Monster? Maybe for the fact that the Monster made her stay in his castle with the help of the blackmail — like, or you, or your father? But this is pure Stockholm syndrome: a condition in which a hostage begins to sympathize with their captors or to identify with them. This protective mechanism of the psyche, and not love.

And maybe the fact that the Monster outwardly terrible, but beautiful on the inside? Nothing of the sort: it is definitely possible to sympathize with, but his condition is not a reason to kidnap people and hold them by force through blackmail: the father kidnapped, then he will die. Prince, on the face of the terrible, the inside is not good-natured and friendly, and maniac. He has only one advantage — he is generous. However, it would be strange not to be generous, if you have chests full of riches that it is impossible to spend at the nearest fair Monster, perhaps, raised on the forks, the rule”the customer is always right, even if he’s a monster” had not yet been invented. So, do not mind the Monster of treasure, because there is no practical use out of possession of it to recognize so why, in fact, not to shower their unfortunate hostages? All entertainment.

And let’s imagine that this tale is written about girls and for girls. She is called “beauty and the beast”, in this tale, a beautiful young man willing to remain alone in an empty castle with enchanted ugly with a bad personality and manners of a serial killer. And love her for who she is. Can you imagine? Here we are not. Because it is a story about a girl who found happiness, and about the Monster, which certainly gets the beauty. For the simple reason that he has pants.

As to Beauty — to whom and when, in fact, was interested in the feelings of the victim? Resigned to his fate — and well. She’s lucky her whole Prince charming got. True love-she’s a monster (it’s unclear why, but agree with the authors — even loved), but Prince is much better! There is no need to question the Beauty?


From the beginning tale you said about the Main Purpose of the Woman: the mother of Thumbelina, as you remember, was very unhappy because she had no children. We somehow think that she was happier before she had Thumbelina — because the newly formed daughter almost immediately disappeared, and, as we remember, in the end of the story no mention of the grieving mother. But there is a word about a happy marriage. Previous, of course, was very unhappy, because happiness is not in money. Happiness is when people understand you.

But Thumbelina no one understands. She’s not alive, it is a function. To be a good wife — the second Main Purpose of Women, and nobody sees Thumbelina as a person, it is considered as a convenient feature: it is a good wife, she eats little. All this is rightly resented us in childhood, but a happy ending, in contrast, was naturally pleased. But where is the happy ending?

Maybe a great elven king gave trouble to meet Thumbelina closer? Maybe he asked her if she wishes to return to his mother, or at least to see her? No, of course. We were just informed that the king of the elves and Thumbelina fell in love, got married and lived happily ever after. Function is realized. Thumbelina has finally become a good enough wife. Yes why not serve something else instead? Good vet, for example. Because this character seemed really lively and happy only in that moment, when cared for the swallow. The rest of the time Thumbelina was ruled by the other characters – frog’s family, Myto mole, the elf, and no one has ever asked what I want most Though. Well, my fault. There was nothing so little to be born, right?

The little mermaid

However, “Thumbelina” is a really just a child’s tale compared to a psychological Thriller about the little Mermaid. Yes, we know that Andersen wrote religious tales of the afterlife, and the little Mermaid turning to sea foam is nothing like a trip to a special mermaid Paradise. But everything that happened with the character up to this point, more like a personal adecec.

Let’s try again to change characters places? There are numerous tales about brave knights, ready for his beloved to fight against witches, dragons, the living dead and with the devil bald. All these great men are willing to die for love, but no never been willing to part with any component of this life. To die — it easily (though, somehow, no one died, not counting those immediately upoli living water), but to give up something really meaningful — a thank you: just a woman for the sake of the great love is able voluntarily to hurt himself. What tale there is a Prince, ready the rest of my life to go as if by knives, and not be able to explain yourself to your sweetheart? Where is this man ready to torture, because to live away from the beloved is unbearable torture? There is no such man. But the little Mermaid is. And what it taught us?

The fact that the sacrifice is only for women quality. The man may that sacrifice not make, and nothing terrible, in fact, it does not happen. And the one that sacrificed himself shall wipe. let rejoices that this Great love she had. For the sake is to die for, right, girls?


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