Fairy houses for your garden

August 1, 2016

If you have the area is a place where nothing grows, even though you kill yourself is not a reason to leave it a wasteland. Make it fabulous.

The author of this idea suffer from the fact that on the Sunny side near her home to die all the flowers. Until I decided to close the strip of dry land fairy garden.

You will need:



Stones and glass beads

Artificial flowers

Glue gun and imagination

All purchases in store for the hobby cost her 35 dollars (about 2000 rubles), while materials were in abundance.

Skvoreshnik need to expand the hole in the opposite direction. The back wall will be the fabulous facade of the house. Attach using the glue gun to dry the lanterns of physalis or stones.

Glue the door of twigs

Glue moss to the roof and walls

Make a ladder to the roof

Set the house to a vacant lot and close the empty space artificial flowers, moss and cut down trees.

Don’t forget cute ceramic birds

And the final touch – a trail of colored glass beads

Materials craftsbyamanda.com

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