Evelina Khromchenko: “I don’t depend on things. I command them!”

December 22, 2016

Fashion expert on Russian women, wardrobe of childhood which it was formed.

Home: first things first: why all women have a closet full, nothing to wear?

Evelina khromtchenko: first, it is the result of spontaneous shopping. A woman falls in love with the thing in the window, buys it, and then do not know how thing to use in their own wardrobe. In the end, the outfit hangs in the closet unworn, often with tags. Secondly, it is a problem with dressing memory – often people just don’t remember what they have in stock, using only ten things active wardrobe, leaving all the rest in the depths of the wardrobe.

Thirdly, is the inability to build the skeleton of the wardrobe, the very basis about which I do not get tired to tell its very popular master class, “25 fashion investments in closet”. These are things that are very long, the fashion does not pass with time, they can be even a legacy to leave to the kids.

It is about such things the British say: “We are not so rich to buy cheap clothes.” I explain in detail about basic designer wardrobe, which will help to create a healthy basis for every day and for a holiday that you can easily put any items be pleasing to you personally. My dressing formula of the required minimum me never fails – full set of sticks-vyruchalochka I’m always ready. And if I am not sure what you want, just make up a random combination of my basic wardrobe-designer – according to the schedule of the day. And voila!

TO: As the daughter of an engineer and teacher of the Russian language is becoming a style icon and TV star? Foreshadowed something in childhood, or your career?

A child who grows up among loving adults, always precocious, and I had a little too much adult attention. I, the stories of their parents, before and immediately Boiko spoke and never distort words. Just because I in infancy did not say, “chin’s”, “Bibik” or “yum-yum”. Only “girl”, “car” or “is”. Nobody changed the tone of voice or vocabulary, talking to me-a little – talked to me like any family member, not Suzuka.

At the same time I was ready to listen if I told you something interesting, and laughed, if I told something funny. For a child it is very important.

As soon as I learned to read – it happened in my three years and five years to write, I always clearly reflect their thoughts on paper, always loved to draw and knew a lot about the beautiful dresses in the family has seen to that. Well example older I always had before my eyes. I do not remember any member of his family who would be interested, or not period features dressed. They all had their own special allure. So for me from a very young age life demonstrated the best examples of applied fashion: I learned from the older to dress with respect to yourself and your external features. With tender age, I clearly explained that the ugly people, there is Neupogene and incorrectly dressed. And I always noticed it. Not abstract like, this man looks ugly, but very specifically: this woman doesn’t fit the dress, the dress is ugly disproportionate neckline and sleeves, and the color does not suits her and makes the skin tone earthy…

But the main educational luck of my family on my account is that older is somehow not directly, not in the forehead, without flattery and excitement, succeeded in early childhood to convince me that I am the best in the world. The most intelligent, beautiful, well-developed, talented. When that conviction that adults in my wonderful qualities I just don’t have the right to let them down and always tried to give the maximum result, whatever you’re doing – the hated music or a favorite painting. This exaltation was never idolatry or snobbery: the family was very generous on compliments other children, and I often heard that, for example, Ira is beautiful and very well learns that the ICQ is very talented in music and she had wonderful hair, thank God for each of my girlfriends have adults around me were superlative.

I was taught to be on top not on the background of the weak and strong. When I went to the first class, the family was not a shadow of a doubt who is the best student, and, most interestingly, that’s exactly what happened. Even typical girls of my age hate school uniforms I was absent because my school dress, made aunt from luxurious wool, it was very beautiful, and I wore it with pleasure. Purchase the apron to fit me. Lace collars and cuffs alter every day, often I was spanking and sewed them under the guidance of her grandmother. With the first teacher I am also very lucky – Nina Viktorovna was the young beauty, but still well dressed: brunette with beautiful hair and dark almond-shaped eyes, she loved skirts and pleated jumpers with silk scarves, she was stunningly beautiful, well fitting coat, a coat in a cage and a fur cap. The whole class adored her and she was very kind to children, and therefore the academic performance in her class was very good. Still confident that the teachers have to dress up nicely – especially in elementary school.

UP TO what the world belonged to your family? It was a happy childhood?

Ordinary poor family of Soviet intellectuals – father engineer, mother – the teacher of Russian and literature, both aunts engineers aviatsionnyi, a grandmother, a teacher of German, and the other paramedic-functionary, and after the war a housewife, grandpa headed a division of a large plant. And happy was everything: I was very lucky – I was popular and many engaged me. I had my own room, where I was allowed to do anything, even draw on the walls. On the balcony, the bricks are still preserved the drawings I did in 7 years with crayons, and then my aunt and now keeps all my sketchbooks and notebooks from the first to the third grade.

TO How you dressed in high school? What you remember from your children’s wardrobe?

I can’t complain: I was dressed modestly, but with taste and quality. I always knew I would get the best possible. And never begged for outfits. Even when in high school I had come to a new class and encounter unusual teaching staff and a very strange grading system of coordinates.

Most teachers of my new school meandered in front of the “thieves” parents often went abroad (we have taught many children of employees of foreign embassies) or who had a loud type of job as a TV presenter. Inequality affects not only the good attitude of teachers to the Pets and unkind to everyone else, but in the incorrect evaluation of knowledge. “Normal” children the teachers were stricter, biased assessment was put to the Board caused more often expected more. Similarly, were evaluated and the appearance of children.

I still remember our maths teacher to Waintrop, which took me to the toilet and forced her to wash with very cold water because I thought that I had painted eyelashes too long and dark they seemed to her. Making sure that was wrong, she didn’t even apologize – I was very surprised, I was not accustomed to such in the family, we have adult easily apologized to the younger, if there was such a need. Children who have been “branded” cloth, teachers praised, praised and even looked at them differently – with a kind of fawning admiration. But even in this situation, I didn’t occur to you to click on their relatives and require expensive jeans. I knew – at the earliest opportunity I will buy everything you need, but if not buy, then do not put adults in awkward position by requests that they are difficult to perform. Therefore stone-washed blue jeans I was a long time, but always were beautiful dresses and a coat – my aunt today and sews perfectly.

TO: What are you interested in school dreamed about?

I always read everything that comes to hand. Used to love going to the library near my house. I stared at the thick book, the most widespread picture of my childhood. “A little,” grandma grumbles: “reading Again “Grosse Buch”? Go teach lessons now.” Somehow, Conan Doyle, Dumas, Thackeray and Dickens, I prefer Jules Verne and Fenimore Cooper. And Silver age of Russian classics. Although diligently read both backwards and forwards.

Loved going to museums and without pleasure to the theater – still hate memories of my early childhood of suffering at the ballet “cat house”. But even more, I hated his music school and the other teacher Elvira Vladimirovna, who for a long time repulsed me the desire not only to play but to listen to classical music. As soon as children allow such evil and cruel people? But I loved to draw and loved his art school, which did not give me to finish the ophthalmologist, scaring mom half to death that I will lose sight, if not to limit eye strain.

TO What wore in his youth? Did you have to dress fashionable?

“The people outside fashion does not exist, it can be either modern or old-fashioned or avant-garde” – aptly said Slava Zaitsev. When you’re a teenager, you want to be avant-garde. My mom had a girlfriend Ludmila, which is bound, moreover, she had a knitting machine and its products resembled the ready-made clothes, with than then the country was difficult. The knitting group that she’s my mom and I were created, partially preserved until today is a perfect sweaters and turtlenecks. Schweik I “ordered” my aunt – stitched her pants bananas, divided skirts, coats with Raglan sleeve and chiffon tunics and today look great.

Of course, the “foreign” outfits, too, occasionally came to me, but the wait for the sea weather, I prefer to work: sweater-oversized, tweed Maxi skirt that mom bought for me, but gave me heavy boots, Mike sent us a friend – and voila, I fully consistent with the “grunge” style, even without the outfits from Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis. I used to, back in high school, start to earn, working on freelance radio correspondent and author programs. And, of course, could afford extravagant purchases. In the summer of 2016 at the height of fashion in the 1990s fished out from the archives, cropped denim jacket, which she wore in the 10th grade and first year of University.

BEFORE: When, in your opinion, in Russia there was an interesting fashionable life? What was it like?

The interesting fashionable life in Russia has always been, and stars in her sky appeared even in the era of stagnation. But a violent new stage of development she received in the 1990s. I am very glad that after years of activity – and my, and my colleagues – I can leave the house totally dressed in things by Russian designers. It is a strange feeling, especially when you take into account the fact that 20 years ago about this and to think it was impossible. “Made in Russia” 20 years ago – it was, rather, a clinical diagnosis, rather than a symptom of a good choice.

Now, guests can choose from a huge interesting offers from Russian designers, and all professionals fashion work to a beautiful and bright items in the category Made in Russia has become much more.

TO: How did it happen that you took over L’officiel?

I came to the international fashion gloss as crisis Manager, fashion PR expert and well-known journalist with fashion specialization. Starting a schoolgirl with wireless microphones, already in journalism, I have worked on radio and TV, news Agency, Newspapers and magazines… To the chair of editor-in-chief I went before, in 25 years, but my shoulders were a series of author’s projects in radio, own magazine for teenage girls and successful PR Agency. For 12 years I did my work in the magazine and it gave me a lot. So your personal media project I’m building on a solid platform.

TO Our readers, the work the editor is familiar mostly in the film “the Devil wears Prada”. Tell me what it true and what is complete fiction?

Based on my personal experience, close to reality shows the perception of the position of people from the outside – a little unhealthy, saturated with exaltation, excitement and tales that come up with a envious assistant without growth prospects.

Everything else is just an interesting movie in a typical production drama, which wants to see the audience. The work magazine editor-in-chief as such, the movie never showed.

I went to the “twentieth century Fox” with an offer to voice the main character in Russian cinemas before the movie was shot, to being involved in the project to tell how it really is the way the world of fashion journalism how highly professional people working there, and how much they work hard and efficiently. But Meryl Streep is at once understood the game it was clear that, showing only the tip of the iceberg with his role, it implies behind the scenes of these domestic sketches a vast world of profession is all the audience could feel.

TO: is it True that the editor-in-chief need to have a concrete character to keep everything under control?

I think it is a collective question for all the women and men who are leaders in all areas… But I understand what You wanted to ask. With me it is easy for those who are perfectly doing their job and those who are talented – or is unlikely under me, people would have worked 10-20 years. But to me very difficult for the lazy and incompetent if they accidentally appear in my orbit… Mediocrity because it is unpleasant to ensure that they are incompetent. So all I say is the truth. And about me, and about those who says.

TO: Where in the world women dress best? With great taste? Or is now all about “the average temperature in the hospital”?

National peculiarities of perception has not been canceled, neither in fashion nor in, say, cooking. Customer purchases from the Middle East will differ from new customers in China, and the Russian ladies will not choose the same new things as British. And this is perfectly normal. Yes what there to speak, between Milan and Paris is also a big difference. The young resident of Milan will be wearing a black leather biker jacket with blue ripped denim shorts and high boots, and a young Parisian with black skinny jeans and ballet flats.

UP now are the Russian women where we are going, do you think?

I think our women are very beautiful, very quickly and easily trained, instantly mimic any visual environment, very hardworking and strong, but all a child laid many guilt complexes that do not too help to succeed in life and in wardrobe. I also think that the tendency towards straightness and perfectionism, which manifests itself in the thinking of the type “beats – means loves”, love for the festive appearance in the morning, can be as weak side and strong. Once a woman gets a fresh information and new rules, she immediately takes matters into their own hands.

All the Russians are by nature straight a student and mother Teresa. The main thing is to direct this energy into creative for the woman direction, because the main guilt of our compatriots often feels when deciding to do something for myself: to spend on a new dress or hairstyle of the family budget, to eat the last bite of something delicious, to have a luxury sports or dancing, to buy the house, and myself personally…

Since my childhood I know that perfect appearance enhances your strength. To achieve the best outcome for yourself and family you must be beautiful, healthy, strong, confident. And inspire women that grow up speaking one language, what to invest in yourself is not a sin but a duty. And in most cases I can hear and understand absolutely right.

TO: What do you like to work in the program “Fashion verdict”?

Konstantin Ernst, conceived a very bold project. It was impossible to imagine that this show can produce on a daily basis. It was a challenge. And I love to participate in global projects, implementation of which is seemingly impossible. In addition, I saw in the “Fashionable sentence” his great mission. Once thanks to his own television show Julia child taught America to cook a healthy meal.

My mission has always been to teach Russian look, because that is exactly what fashionable clothing and accessories. And no matter where I worked, I was always careful to make that super-idea in life, relying on their I instruments. In “the Fashionable sentence” explaining the disadvantages or advantages of one or another set of specific examples, I day by day repeat to the audience the “multiplication table” fashion. Thanks to our joint efforts – leading, stylists, editors, Directors, film editors, cameramen, illuminators, sound team, administrators, artists of crowd scenes, drivers and other services (we are about 500 people on the program works) is able to transform not only the characters but also to our audiences around the Russian-speaking world – and that 35 million unique viewers daily only in Russia. But we see also in the territory of the former Soviet Union and in the Russian-speaking Diaspora worldwide: America, Israel, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil and other countries. Look with great confidence and affection. And use tips “Fashion sentence” in their own wardrobe. So that work in the “Fashionable sentence” in addition to the possibility of communication with stunningly professional people on the set like his globalism and the possibility to change the world for the better.

TO: do you Believe that Russian women do need to speak in such a “shaking” tone to bring to life? How to build a dialogue so that they are not afraid, not clamped, but rather, broke up with complexes, learned something useful?

I booked it for the fact that I aired a competent assessment of the appearance of the hero – before, during, and after the transformation of his wardrobe – from the point of view of the fashion expert. My mission is to clearly explain how to perceive a particular image that it is good and what is bad. My rating is not for the person, his characteristics of the shape, appearance or age, it only concerns dresses. My concept is that a woman always fine, just dress it properly sometimes, and my flow feel and character, and spectators. I noticed that the majority of women experiencing guilt in relation to her reflection in the mirror, they say fat (or skinny), the old (or, on the contrary, green) – they say that such a reflection can decorate, ugh – I’ll wear jeans and a t-shirt, let alone with a pig snout in Kalashny number… I’m one of the few in their life the people who them away guilt free.

I told them that they are good and bad dress always easy to change for good. There is no shape, weight, age, who would not pack. My co-host, each in its own way, also trying to achieve this task. Nevertheless, I will remind you that the program is called “Fashion verdict”, and not “stylish compliment”, as often repeats my co-host Alexander Vasilyev.

TO: the name of the “Fashionable sentence” refers to the situation of the court, but can you blame Russian women is that they have not had the opportunity to develop a taste? Because we have Soviet stores with empty shelves…

As a rule, family, colleagues, friends accuse hero of the “Fashionable sentence” not that they have no taste, but the fact that they do not want to recognize their own beauty, or lazy, or see themselves only in work clothes and dressy fear, or experience based on nothing complexes in relation to their appearance.

Well, for example, 38-year-old woman whose mother hammered into my head as a child that she is ugly because of skinny, always wears Maxi, wearing three pairs of tights, and a husband who married her for love for her ballet grace, want this stereotype to break, wants to dress up his beautiful wife in a body-hugging dress, revealing her slender legs and chiseled arms. In this note, he does not accuse her of bad taste. Or the woman with the perfect external data in 40 years, so desperately young that braid two tails with pink bows and is wearing a short dress baby Dolly and t-shirts with pink mice – of course, her accuser, 16-year-old son, aching heart from the fact that his beautiful mother is seen as a lady with big cranky. He admits that the mother is perfectly possible to build an image of a teenager, even with the taste if his mom’s 15-year-old girl.

Or a cute lady 32 years old, who diligently adorn yourself in the spirit of the red light district can’t get married, and accusing her friend was right to note that women who feel this way serves, generally have fun and make a family with “decent”…

But all three ladies in their own images does not show a lack of taste, they are attractive and convincing in their closets, just do not see that their stereotypes about themselves, and accordingly, wardrobes, create for them a sea of the difficulties of life. And others it’s just noticeable.

TO: do you think your heroines are something globally in the approach to the wardrobe will change after the program?

I remember a woman who recovered after giving birth and could not lose weight. Because of this, the husband, the lover of skinny, abandoned her. She became depressed and came to the fact that 8-year-old son asked her not to come to school because I didn’t want teachers and classmates his mother took for a homeless person. After changing clothes and buying new makeup and hair, a woman like yourself in the mirror, suddenly began to lose weight – I have noticed that happiness, many lose weight. And when our ex-heroine came to court to divorce her treacherous husband, she was slender – dosudebnogo size. The astonished husband to divorce no longer wanted, but she still filed for divorce. And the beginning of a completely new, beautiful and happy life with a man for whom it was important, not the size of her clothes.

Remember the woman who was in love with his boss, a foreigner, and he simply ignored her existence so bleak it was. And none of its nocturnal habits, recycling and achieve professional properties were observed for the same reason.

When she was dressed, this woman not only raised, but also called married. Imagine it, without any subterfuge on her part, fell in love with the same boss. They married and moved to his home in Europe.

But the story that happened in my own driveway. I carried a bunch of packages, and has helped me to open the front door, a stylish woman with a baby in a sling. “Don’t you recognize me? she asked. I was your heroine four years ago.” “What was the name of the program?” – ask. “The case of the sling”. I said, “excuse me, But how? After all, your baby is less than a year…” Here opens the door of her apartment, and a blonde girl about five years old says in surprise: “Mom, what does Evelina khromtchenko?” My new roommate smiled and said, “That’s what the sling was…” And these stories from our editors hundreds.

TO Say that the art style is very small percentage of people. What to teach the style impossible, it is either there or not. In fact it is necessary to have an artistic sight to see, stylish or not… what do you think?

Charisma is either there or not. And the style is always there, because it is a manifestation of inner peace. After all, “sera mouse” is also a kind of style. Our inner world is very versatile. The style of a person can be good or bad in relation to aesthetic criteria of the moment and towards his own goals, but in a particular manifestation, he is always there. Outwardly manifested, as a rule, what we in the self-exploited at the moment.

That’s why I’m with frightening accuracy can find out about a man by his suit than she would like to know about it. Details of his image unwittingly give a lot of secrets. But every person is a jewel that has many facets, this is the house which has many rooms… And if you open the right door, if you show the right face, then people will start to look different – without internal conflict. And stylists “Fashion sentence” help him to a new reflection in the mirror just for this.

TO: How to dress stylishly, if you get the forty thousand rubles? Is it possible to give any universal advice? What should be in the wardrobe, that the woman was missing for five or six typical situations?

If you now examine your wardrobe, it turns out that it has most of the things from my formula of “25 fashion investments in closet”. Maybe something needs replacement, you need something to buy, but nevertheless… a Basic wardrobe can’t be bought at the same time. This is done gradually.

The Deposit is economical closet – no spontaneous purchases. Think for yourself, why do you need an expensive coat fashionable pink color, if you don’t have a good universal camel coat? If it’s impossible how I want something true, brilliant, go past the disposable evening dress in sequin and buy a little bag in glitter – and the wolves are sated and the sheep intact. Another example: looking at my picture on Instagram, podistica asked about the brand of my vest, they say, perhaps it is Saint Laurent? God be with You, respond to vests there are Cos and Petit Bateau, I don’t want to pay the extra zero in the name, but a tuxedo or a trench coat from Saint Laurent I try it on. In this house you know in tuxedos and trench coats good. Yes, the trench will be expensive, but it will neobisium many years and eventually handsomely fulfill my investment in it.

TO: You will not deny that significant financial resources give more opportunities for good style? Or there are pitfalls? Do you see the very wealthy and the tawdry women?

I’ve seen poor women, dressed with taste, and frightening in her choice of rich women. Fashion is for everyone. If the white color is in trend, and via Montenapoleone in Milan and cheap kiosks in Moscow things white will dominate. But there are different cost, of course. And expensive boutique, and budget the Department store doing the same proposals in the field of color and line season. So fashion is the same for different wallets. But the level of quality, of course, often depends on the cost of things. So the budget brands should be especially careful to look at the fabric and quality otshiv before buying new clothes.

Bringing their master-classes of the reference examples I always mention about a much more democratic alternatives. And I’m sure that even in the simple, but properly selected jeans and a white t-shirt can often look better than the rhinestones and the feathers acquired the principle of “around the corner is more expensive!”

TO: How do you buy things? Do you have an dependence on beautiful things? Can buy “extra” in a rush?

I don’t confessions of a Shopaholic. I know what I’ll buy in the coming season, and what trends are already reflected in my wardrobe – you just need to go to wardrobe and get out my basic collection needs. My master classes on 25 profitable investments in closet popular for a reason – I know whereof I speak. All the recipes that I give my students, I tried to imagine.

I don’t depend on the things I command them. Nevertheless, I have, of course, personal preferences that resonate with my personality type, but each time looking at the podium, I note the outfits that really stood out to me personally. I’m a woman.

TO Much of your wardrobe away things that have ceased to like you?

Not ceased to like it – just tired. Before handing these things now hang in the pantry, which was filmed specifically for this purpose in the system of Storica – this new service, launched in Moscow, very useful for me. Just that need, I’m jumping to – and all found.

TO: AND do you have things that you long?

Of course. Base. Black pants. Jackets. Tuxedos, trench coats, sweaters and cardigans, coats.

TO: do you have moments of frustration when you look at your old pictures and think that it was in vain?

That’s absolutely no. Look at the photo on his 15-year-old, rose “bananas” and white Indian cotton blouse with tiny ruffles on a small rack and think: Oh, I would now these bananas and this blouse. Only annoying my school blouse – my mom used to buy me a very feminine thing, such as relevant now blouses with large ruffles and flounces on the sleeves or with small bows at the throat – the image of a kind of schoolgirl. And I was already attracted to simple men’s shirt and style a La Garcon. But that’s my personal preference, and teenage photo, everything looks simply amazing. After all this time photographers were all shown as they are, the marriage was thrown. Another thing now: many would-be photographers your marriage with love leaked online to the delight of the trolls.

TO: What interests you in life outside your professional projects? What inspires you? How do you relax?

For me, the rest is the change of stages and scenery, in which it is done. But to communicate with family and friends, Cycling or on the Board under the sail, go to a Museum, theater or antique auction, to read the book I think it is not less important than to write an article, lecture, or capture a TV show. I like the concept of dividing your time into four equal parts: work, family, society and yourself. But this does not mean that when I’m lying on the beach, I can’t answer interview questions, or to write an article for your own website, or to learn the latest fashion blogs. Just my job to me is always a joy, I don’t need a break from her.

What is your dream now?

Dreams that can be put into practice, it is not dreams, and plans, isn’t it? But the plans don’t tell you only about the results. But the dream which to implement is impossible, and which, apparently, will remain a dream, took me to this room “Home” is a tiny Jack Russell Terrier Harley. Sensitive paws warm belly. Very quiet and friendly baby. The sweetest dog in the world. And I have allergic.

Tickets to the master classes “school of fashion Evelina Khromchenko” can be purchased on the website www.evelinakhromtchenko.com


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