Eugene Grishkovec: Neither March 8 or 23 February, our family did not celebrate

July 1, 2016

Eugene Grishkovec raising three children, managing at the same time to write scripts and play movie.

A man should take care of the family. In January goes to the film “Satisfaction”, where Yevgeny Grishkovets has acted in two roles: writer and performer of one of leading roles.

TO: IN the movie “Satisfaction” to the hero cheating on his wife, and it causes the offender to a duel. The story, based on real events?

EG: of Course, this is not two alien, this is absolutely familiar to me types and characters: single people of my generation, and the other ten years younger. But the situation is, of course, fictional.

But in your life something like this has happened?

No, anything such was not, and could not happen. My way of life is categorically different from how I live my characters.

You believe a violation of the commandment “you shall Not covet your neighbor’s wife” a sin?

Don’t think so. Many times I have seen complete slackers and scum, which, oddly enough, worthy and beautiful wife. These wives often realize or even know, what kind of life they live and their husbands. But there are some reasons why children, for example, which women tolerate this reality. And if any man covets the woman, give her happiness, joy and the opportunity to feel like a woman, I of anything bad do not see this. All depends on the woman. Never a woman will not pay attention to any man who desired her, if with her husband, the man who to her is relevant.

What about women attracts you the most?

Resilience. This is the main. Everything else is details.

You are married 20 years. In the relationship with his wife is still a place to discover?

Of course. I think I surprised her. Well, if we have a small child… But about your wife I won’t tell you or anyone else. Do you like men who talk about their favorite women? I strongly do not like.

You have three children. Comparable feelings from the birth of a child when the eldest daughter is already quite large?

The first child in a man’s life is the delight and surprise that it turns out that you’re capable of paternal feelings. The second child is a whole spectrum of feelings. You had one child, so beloved, and you don’t understand how is this love to share with someone else. And the third child is just happiness. When Masha was born, I said, “I had two kids and now I have plenty.”

Sympathy with the son feel?

We are still not very close contact. I for Sasha people interesting, love. And in some ways the last resort. But while he is largely in contact with the mother.

You will have something to talk about February 23, about military service?

Of course, I won’t. Neither March 8 or 23 February, our family did not celebrate.

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