Elena Letuchaya married and showed photos of erotic wedding in swimsuit

August 22, 2016

A celebrity and her lover arranged a secret wedding in Greece. The presenter shared the first photo from secret wedding.

News about the upcoming wedding of Helen Bat and her lover , Yuri Anashenkov became one of the most talked-about events of the Russian press. Initially, the pair carefully hid their relationship from strangers, after a TV presenter for a long time did not show the fans a choice, and culminated in a secret marriage of the young, the venue is kept in the strictest confidence.

However, according to the media, Elena and Yuri were married on 20 August in Greece. As told earlier Flying the ceremony was attended by only the relatives of the couple. The ceremony was held among the white walls of the houses in Santorini. Star fiancée and now wife shared several wedding photos from Greece. One of them she is depicted in white bridesmaid dress at the Church, and the second in an erotic swimsuit that Elena called “wedding”, and her leg is decorated with a traditional garter.

“This little bride wedding dress and shoes with a bouquet. Without a wedding swimsuit in this case not do!” – such a comment was accompanied by a photo of Flying. Subscribers celebrities have reacted to this publication and fell asleep and Elena congratulations and good wishes and a long happy family life. “Amazing! Council Yes love you my husband!”, “Happy wedding day to you, Helen! Love, peace, happiness!!! Be happy!!!”, “A very beautiful bride,” wrote the admiring fans.

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