Ekaterina Strizhenova touching congratulated daughter’s anniversary

August 10, 2016

The presenter is very touching congratulated the eldest daughter and her husband’s three year wedding anniversary.

TV presenter Ekaterina Strizhenova in recent years increasingly shared with fans details his personal life. She recently spoke about the success of their youngest daughter Alexandra, who signed an advertisement contract with a major international company. And yesterday I decided to tell fans about the third anniversary of joint life of her eldest daughter Anastasia and her husband Peter.

A celebrity on the anniversary of the wedding of heiress published a photo of the couple with the wedding ceremony, which was accompanied by a touching congratulation. “Today is the anniversary of the wedding of our eldest daughter!!! Anastasia and Peter, for three years, you alone build your life, your “I” became “We” … And this is the case, when your happiness is solely in your hands … but we try not to interfere!!!” – posted by Catherine.

Recall that Anastasia and Peter got married in 2013 after six years of relationship. According to the page Stroganovyh daughter, she is very happy with her husband whom he considers a most incredible man.” “He’s absolutely incredible. Maybe he’s not human? I just can’t believe That there are people like that, and I can’t believe I’m so lucky for nine years to be near. Thanks Pete, that he is and thanks his family. I can’t believe his luck!” – Anastasia admitted.

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