Ekaterina Klimova showed the grown sons of Igor Petrenko

August 3, 2016

Actress raising four children, boasted of her grown-up sons from her ex-husband Igor Petrenko, published in the online pictures of the boys.

38-year-old Ekaterina Klimova rarely indulges fans with photos of their children and relatives. She actively publishes various pictures, which capture her stunning figure, but very rarely shows the public heirs. Recall that the actress is a large mother. She brings ten-month-old daughter Bella from current husband Gela Meskhi, 14-year-old Lisa from her first marriage with llya Horoshilovym and 10-year-old Matthew and eight-year-old Korney from Igor Petrenko.

Recently, Catherine made a feast in honor of the birthday of his mother, which brought together only the closest relatives – the actress, the birthday girl and the heirs of the celebrity. Klimov has published a video of the gala dinner, where touching told my mother in love. And after she shared a photo of the grown sons of Corneille and Matthew, than touched by the fans.

Subscribers stars liked the boys in the picture hugging each other like adults comrades. Users noted that the heirs of the Actresses are very grown up and took from both parents only the best features. “Very beautiful babies! Happiness to you”, “I always thought that Matthew is similar to Igor, now it seems to me that he is very much like You!”, “How you’ve grown!!!”, “This son will be a model or actor for sure!!! Such delicate features!! He how to draw!!!” – wrote fans Klimova (spelling and punctuation of the authors saved. — Approx. ed.).

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