July 1, 2016

About this dish know for a long time. In the 19th century every morning the young maid brought her mistress a glass with beaten egg yolks. How to make eggnog, knew in any aristocratic family. After all, according to legend, made fashionable this dainty young Polish Bronislaw beautiful Countess Potocki. Although versions as of the origin of the dish, and the values of its name, there are several.

Useful than eggnog

If the invention of eggnog attributed to the Polish Countess, a German cook, a Jewish deacon beneficial properties of whipped egg yolks that no challenge will not. They have a lot of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The positive effect will have eggnog in the treatment of the following diseases and pathologies:

•inflammation of the larynx and bronchi;

•husky voice;

•long cough;

•inflammation of the throat;

•cardiovascular disease;

•oncological problems.

Eggnog – the dish is low in calories. At the same time, it is recommended to the starving people, the components of the dessert contributes to weight gain. Drinking eggnog helps:

•strengthen bones;

•to improve vision;

•to improve the condition of the tooth enamel;

•to strengthen the nails;

•to improve the condition of hair.

If the dish to cook quail eggs, there is a good dessert for the body cannot be overemphasized.

How to prepare eggs for eggnog

With all the benefits of the eggnog for the body, we should not forget that it should not be used people with allergies to eggs, diabetics and people suffering from certain diseases of the digestive tract and blood vessels. But, there is a common danger for all who consume eggs without heat treatment – salmonellosis. Salmonella develop in stale eggs and can cause extremely unpleasant intestinal disorders.

To prevent this disease, observe the following requirements:

1.To prepare eggnog (the recipe doesn’t matter), use eggs within 7 days after their hatching was. Although the manufacturer can give the guarantee retention periods of 30-90 days, you know that it fits, rather, to dishes such as scrambled, fried and boiled egg. For the eggnog, however, as for protein cream, you need to take a seven-day diet eggs.

2.Look closely – not impaired if the integrity of the eggs. In case of doubt put the egg aside.

3.Before you cook the eggnog, carefully rinse the eggs under running water. You can use baking soda – first the eggs are soaked in a 1-2% solution and then well washed.

4.The dish should be consumed fresh. Do not store longer than 30 minutes.

Follow all the requirements, and we can prepare meals from raw eggs.

Recipes eggnog

There is a classic recipe: 1 chicken yolk you need to take three tablespoons (without top) sugar and grind until a homogeneous foam mix. You can pound the yolks in a glass with a teaspoon, but you can make your life easier and do it in a mixer.

There are variants of this dish, which can be used for both adults and children.

1.Dairy eggnog. 1 chicken take egg yolks 3 teaspoons of sugar, add a little salt and vanilla, and beat. Add 150 ml fresh milk, mix thoroughly.

2.Eggnog with fruit juice. Whisk the egg yolks, sugar, the proportions are the same. Add 0.5 cups of strawberry juice, Apple, pomegranate, currant, orange, apricot or cherries, mix well. Add pint of fresh cold milk, beat with a mixer. In a separate bowl whisk the egg whites, pour into them the mixture.

3.Eggnog with honey and citrus juice. Beat in a mixer the eggs, 0.5 liters of cold fresh milk, 6 tablespoons honey, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice or orange. If the dish is served as a dessert in very cold. If you want to treat throat model cold milk hot, and the cocktail is heated.

4.Eggnog with cocoa. RUB the yolk with sugar. Add to the butter with the cocoa butter previously softened and mix with cocoa. Mix all the ingredients until thick fluffy mass.

5.Eggnog with berries. White RUB the yolks with the sugar, whisk the whites in a lush foam, add a few drops of lemon juice. Mix and add raspberries, strawberries or currants.

And this recipe is well suited for a cozy family Breakfast and reception. Eggnog with coffee for four people is prepared as follows. Protein whisk one egg and the yolk RUB with sugar. Boil the ground coffee and heat up milk. In coffee Cup pour milk, on top of his coffee, then the yolk, and it whipped protein. Do not stir.

Eggnog with alcohol

Eggnog with alcohol, perfect for dinner parties, can be used for the treatment of adults. There are several recipes.

1.Beat the egg (1 piece), wine (1 tbsp) a pinch of salt and milk (200 ml).

2.Whisk egg yolk with sugar (3 tsp), add the wine (2 tbsp) with a pinch of salt and milk (200 ml). Well whisk.

3.Whisk egg yolk with sugar (3 tsp), add a pinch of salt and the juice of berries or fruit (¼ Cup) milk (1 tbsp) and brandy (¼ Cup). Well whisk.


4. In the mixer pour in the milk and vodka (100g), egg, honey (3 tbsp) and two tablespoons citrus juice (1 tbsp). Well whisk.

5.Beat in a mixer the yolks, cream, sugar syrup and ice with alcohol – rum, wine, cognac, brandy, whiskey.

6.Brandy is added to the whipped egg yolk and put in a water bath. A little off heating, add the vanilla and whipped cream.

Eggnog can be decorated with grated chocolate, nutmeg, beaten egg whites or cream. Bon appetit!

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