“Easy to be Rosie? Actually difficult” Interviews with the most flexible leading Russian television.

November 11, 2016

We were warned that Laysan utiasheva is never late. But this time the presenter is delayed by 15 minutes. “I’m sorry! – laughs. – Fed and put daughter. I’m a mother!”

HOME: it’s Easy to be Rosie?

LAYSAN UTIASHEVA: wow! Let me think… Yes, sometimes I write: well, I can do that too if I put make-up on, put in front of the camera and the words to write. What is this, everything is easy. So go for it! I know that to be Rosie, it will be tough. She’s ordinary: how it all washes floors, like all cooks, like all experiences for children. Plus you have to constantly work, work… of Course, would have to stop, but then it just won’t be me. At the time of the decree I’m sorry, I totally freaked out myself: how is it – I have no movement!

TO: what did you do in the decree?

LOU: Nothing, only read. How to make a new person in the family so it doesn’t hurt Robert. The Sophia small, and, of course, it all feel other emotions. But with Robert (he’s two now) already require: “Well, Rob, you’ve explained!”

TO: Jealous?

LOU: He might be offended, why not take as many pens as Sophia, or why he has to eat, and feed her with a spoon. Pasha (Pavel Volya, artist, broadcaster – Approx. Ed.) show Rob him of the benefits of the older brother. You have won a choice, want the feet to go, I want my mom to hand climb, but she is unable to walk. And he already says himself: “Sofia is not maybe Rob can and Rob will help.”

TO: You are not afraid of a little age difference?

LOU: it’s kinda cool. In the future they will have a lot in common, one circle.

TO: You were one of the parents? I know that children sometimes fight?

LOU: Actually Yes, I was one child.

I was raised by mother, grandmother and grandfather. But I had sports and that’s another story. Eight large fees, thirty children and all very ambitious, all fighting for one place and one coach. So I understand about family relationships where more than one child.

TO: what about Paul?

LOU AND Pasha grew up with her younger sister, always cared for his Dear, protecting her at school. They have a great relationship. Olga says that Pasha for her dad, brother, helps, teaches. While Jane listens so far and support throughout. Now Pasha is just so ProStreet with Rob a conversation: you have to protect a little, but she will always be your loyal friend, together you force, anyone can from your life to look away, and sister – no.

TO Which I would like to avoid in education?

LOU: I know from the words of my mother, in her parent’s family treated her and her older brother Rustam. Proud of “our son”, “heir” is about Rustam and “at least at three let the student, the main thing is to get married” is about the mother. Mother said: “How, I’m also a person, I learn better why you do not see, why so?” I read my mother’s diaries and understood her pain – the pain of a second child, a daughter, after all, was the first son. Mom wore things over brother, she’s bought… But that’s what inspired her to start sewing, and it turned out she is fine.

TO: Rosie, are you the owner?

LOU: Yes, of course!

I’m always in search of new dishes to please her husband. Now here I learned this recipe: chop the cucumber, pour the yogurt, add the juice of a freshly squeezed ginger and a little lemon juice, it’s all in blender scroll with red pepper and add lemon sorbet. The sorbet will melt and would make such a cool vitamin soup.

TO That Pasha loves in your performance?

LOU Manti. It is, of course, tried first on the road to order them in restaurants, compared here and there. But always called, “Hey, it’s not as tasty as you’re cooking, I got this!” And I believe him, I know my dumplings – the best! There’s a lot of love and a bow. Nanika (grandmother) told me a little secret: you always have to overdo it with the onions. Now think: all right, well, where so much of it. But manti grateful bow, then they really reveals the taste. And potatoes still so delayed… Lamb is absolutely necessary sour, juicy. And cutting by hand only, no grinder. Here I stand and I cut the hours like a Champ. Have me on speaker phone, negotiating for work with the children communicate and cut meat – that’s Rosie.

BEFORE: This is such a tyrant, forcing the kitchen to stand for hours?

LOU: No, he actually said “You can half of you not to do what they do.” But I can’t do it! I’m a woman. How to prevent my husband will eat in restaurants? In the same way as man – ask him to hammer a nail into the wall, and he can’t. And we need to call the Builder?

TO: Pasha maybe?

TO: of Course! He knows and can do everything any economic matter.

TO: He’s such a glamorous, haircut gel, pants with low waist…

LOU: stop it, Pasha is the man. It is necessary to fasten the cornice to hang the chandelier, the wheel of change, even if doesn’t know something, to call someone to ask – and still do myself.

TO: Interesting, but he is an honest husband? Came here in a dress, I doubt, is it or not… And my husband was like, “Oh, I got you all good!”

LOU: No, he always tell the truth.

I am by nature the East, grew up seeing the beautiful Irina Viner, is how much would diamonds not wearing it beautifully. And I have a weakness: trying too, everything from fasten – eight rings and so bracelets, watches, and earrings to her shoulders. Pasha looks: “So let the one ring leave the earrings, and nothing else”.

TO You often quarrel?

LOU: Maybe someone will say that we haven’t lived some five years, and something in family life still do not understand… But we’re not fighting at all. We are always in dialogue, calmly find the truth. We’re from different sides of each other know for a long time. He knows my career, I know him the way we saw each other in different situations, he just saw me in a relationship, I’m his, we have long been friends before they became a couple.

TO: Not jealous of each other to the past?

LOU: in Any case. Past is experience, it helped us to become who we have become and how loved each other.

TO: Who is family for you-a mentor, an example, which want to be?

LOU Viner and Usmanov. Both from Uzbekistan, he was a swordsman, she is the Queen of gymnastics, the beauty, it is very long sought. He then was an ordinary man who wants to create strong family, and they went together through life. Before my eyes I always is their example of understanding the incredible mutual responsibility. And Kortnev and Amina Zaripova? Let’s see what they have done: three children already, and her eyes both Shine like in the first year.

TO you AND what is your family like?

LOU: We are humorous, we are good, never hurt anyone, love the world and people. I really love everyone, I have this wound up since childhood, from a base in Novogorsk. I myself began to celebrate Pro athletes, they are greeted with cleaners or not. And it hit me, if not. I could not pass up, not to ask: “Aunt Val, how are you doing, how are you, how are your kids?” And still I’m the same, and so does Pasha. When the shooting ended, we are always all operators, svetolika, the movers say, “Thank you, you guys did great, everything turned out super.”

TO: As rudeness react?

LOU: I always try to understand what circumstances drive the person. Suddenly he had something serious happened? If circumstances, but there is only one impenetrable rudeness, I will not interfere, just in the direction of depart. But I really don’t like unfounded convictions.

Can not even when the taxi drivers swear at me. Think, because not on purpose, he was late, because he’s a good man for sure, well it happened.

As a mom now I think: we were all someone’s children lying in the cradle, was helpless, helpless…

TO: You love people, and love people feel?

LOU: On speeches, I always appreciated what put the judges. Oddly enough, but their point is subjectivity. Someone liked it, someone didn’t like someone mediastore, it happens. But if you take the audience – that’s what I felt. When the room explodes, stands up, when you’re running this little toy is so… well, then I know for sure that were awesome, not in vain labored for 10 hours in the hall, the audience do not be fooled. And Yes, I always feel the love of people.

TO Probably, with this attitude to life it is easy to follow it. And it’s hard for Rosie?

LOU: it was Hard for a mother to bury. It is hard and scary when you can’t help her. She died in my arms, and I didn’t know what to do, hoping for an ambulance, which drove an hour and a half. It’s hard when your friends actually get out of the coffin, because you had a single parent – and he was gone. I lost weight from fifty pounds to thirty-two, the shock was almost in a coma…

Saved me Pasha. He said, “So, before that it was candy, bows, flowers, and now it will be all serious, now I got you and nobody will give”. I was 26 years old. This year we celebrated my 30th birthday. Friends knew how hard it is for me, I’ve learned that the mom next door and the birthday I wanted to tell the one person thank you for his life… I only said two of toast Pasha, who gathered all of my dear friends, and for mom, of course. And we raised a glass, looking upward, because it is a holiday primarily my mom. I understand it now.

BEFORE: After the doctors could not save the Zul Sultangalievna…

LOU: Yes, I have a thing for medicine, that’s why I’m leaving to give birth in other countries. How would mind I was treated well by our medicine, to trust her child, I can’t. But it was still doctors who in time have not done tomography (Laysan suffered a compound fracture of the foot. – Approx. Ed.) I could be Olympic champion and became of it because I was assured that it was just psychosomatic, the pain is the whims of conceited personality. However, even this did not discourage my desire to love people.

TO think, at what age will you like the most?

LOU: I like growing up, like the look of women who are well over forty, I admire them. Not only that everything made itself. (Stretches the face. – Approx. Ed.) Yes hyaluronate, Yes masochki, strings, but not as to all contorted!

TO: You did nothing?

LOU: you Heard what they say: Laysan pumped lips.

All officially announced through your journal: do nothing! And lips, and chest are mine, I am a nursing mother, it’s the hormones, any nutritionist will confirm.

Rob I nursed for nine months, nursed a little longer – he refused, want of proper food: squash him come on, buckwheat. Sophia will feed as much as she wants. Can’t make on time to the chest – I always bring you’ve seen breast pump and cooler bag. Or the driver rushes to Sophia from work, or I’m on metro rush with the container is clogged, if, for example, and my child was hungry.

TO: Seriously, on the subway? Don’t believe it. How much is the ticket?

LOU: 50 rubles! (Laughs.) Yes, I beg you, we are not so popular – the makeup will wash away, and no one will know we used to see in full makeup. Anyway I’m from people don’t hide. Even if they find out – well and good: and hug, and take pictures and autograph the ladies. Only it quickly, I’m in a hurry, I’m a mom.

TO: this year we are holding a contest “the hero of our time”, readers share their successes. What would you write in your stories?

LOU: would have Written that I am proud of complex of exercises for flexibility, which has helped many women to recover after giving birth, and their men, to catch up, to get in shape. Proud of the participation in the project “DANCES” on TNT. He was really social, people realized that dancing is cool. We showed all the aspects of dance and classic ballroom, and modern dance for young people who are insanely talented, which today hears the music incredibly. Don’t want to offend anyone, but that project turned out so beautiful and big, the main merit of Vyacheslav Dosmuhamedova, our producer. He chose an interesting angle, this gave us the strategy that the project was very much alive. We all write in one take! And all say of himself, no texts we have. And who may, for example, Miguel to write the words? Who better Svetlakov to Express his thought? Honestly, I just live in this project. Here it would be written.

BEFORE: was Worried when the guys left the project?

LOU: Very! In the first season of talented kids took off, simply because the audience had underestimated the support that could have their favorites. We saw how important it is, for example, Evgrafova. A stunning boy, whom the audience was not given the chance to open up for him few people voted. Be more active! All that depends on me, I do support, set up to fight.

TO life the little joys that can’t be bought with money?

LOU: I grew up in the Bashkir village of raevka, I love to bake bread, love to dig in the garden, to plant seeds, for me it’s a crazy euphoria. We, together with pashas help grandma and grandpa, skapisiem the earth with a hoe, with Colorado potato beetles are fighting…

TO: Pasha with a hoe out in the garden?

LOU: Well of course it turns out that we ordinary people! I love to get out and do it great. Once in Spain invited two cleaners to clean the house, they chatted, chatted, walked on the tops, there’s not wiped, it’s not pushed. I looked at Pasha: and for that we will pay the money? He took a rag, put forward all the beds and tables, past the corners were perfectly clean. Yes, I am.

TO: If suddenly a bad mood, what will?

LOU: I have to move. If I feel bad, I begin to frantically push-UPS, do the scissors, corners, rope frantically jump up a sweat – and then in a bath with aromatic oils… of course, There is another way (Laughs), but it’s a secret, just between us with Pasha.

TO look at This article about sex? Just tell me – Yes or no?

LOU: Yes! (Laughs.) Of course!

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