December 8, 2016

The most delicious ukha is fish soup, cooked on the fishing, a delicious meal of fish I have not tried.

So, what are we required to do this:

  • 1. fresh fish;
  • 2. onion, salt, pepper, potatoes and spices, if you wish to add them.

Given that in this situation we are fishing, and accessories for fishing.

Put a pot of water, add salt, pepper. Freshly caught fish is cleaned of scales and viscera, peeling potatoes. Throw it in a pot and stir periodically. My grandfather especially fishing in the ear puts more fish below the ear was richness.

Wait until the water boils in the pot, and stir our ear about another 10 minutes. By the way, if you have the opportunity, it is best to use a green onion, tastes better if there is none, and onion.

A standard pot has a volume of 3-4 liters. This amount will be enough to put 4-5 fish, although the more the better (this my opinion). If you don’t have green onions, you will have enough 2 heads, as pepper recommend taking the peas.

Now with regards to the spices – ear very well with the mustard and if in it to add a little red pepper. But a bit to the slight kick was felt only slightly. About any other spice I can not say, because not tried. The number of potatoes to add according to your taste – some like thicker, some thinner. I added about 6, turned out great.

So, it took 10 agonizing minutes and that’s our ear is ready. blend yourself, add green onion (if it is already specified), spices according to your taste. I recommend to take ear of white bread, preferably fresh. I strongly advise that the pieces of fish, while you eat, there wasn’t very many and small sizes (I’ll tell you later why). Suggest to eat soup slowly, when you’re eating it, I think you will understand why. Once you eat the very ear, you can get at the fish. Believe me, after the soup and fish has an unusual taste! Once you eat the fish, drink the broth, do not forget that fish have added more to the richness it will be fatty, but wonderfully tasty!

There are skeptics who will say that I have written the recipe does not differ from soup, cooked at home, but trust me – they are sadly mistaken. They just have not tried it. Taste the soup and you will feel all night, it is very tasty. Don’t forget that we are cooking outdoors, try it, you’ll like it a lot!

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