Dry drowning. This every parent should know!

July 22, 2016

To die, the child doesn’t need to sink for a few minutes. “Dry” and “secondary” drowning is possible, even when he came ashore.

Of all fatalities on the water from dry and secondary drowning are killed 1-2% of victims.


“Secondary drowning is when water gets into the lungs and causes swelling. A child walks along the shore, and it seems that the danger has passed, but in the next few hours it slowly fades.
“Dry” drowning — spasm of the vocal cords that causes difficulty breathing. Water in the lungs was not hit, but visited in the nose or mouth. Death comes also after a while.


In exceptional cases up to 48 hours. The bulk of the victims shows symptoms of drowning within 5 hours after the accident. Children usually first hour are quite normal, but in the interval from one hour to two days they come symptoms.

What to pay attention?

– Shortness of breath, frequent but shallow.

The child is noticeable nostrils go shake fin

– A cough that refuses to go away

– Pain in the chest

– Slight increase in temperature

– Unnatural sudden weakness, drowsiness. A minute ago I played, and now wants to lie down

– Strange behavior disturbance (for example, a seven-year child can suddenly be described after bathing), forgetfulness, confusion, dizziness – these are signs that the brain does not receive enough oxygen

– Nausea or vomiting

– Blue lips or hands, pale skin

If your child is swimming, you could not see at what point he took a SIP of water. But he could not attach any importance to this. Scared, that’s all.

In any event, after swimming a minimum of 5 hours, observe the child. Do not leave it unattended. It can go to sleep and never Wake up. It’s not “tubegals”, do not deceive yourself.

If your child inhaled water while swimming. If you notice any of these symptoms — grab the baby and to the doctor. There’s no doctor? Call for an ambulance. Long wait for ambulance? Catch any ride and in the hospital. Until the doctor is satisfied that the danger to health no, you have to assume the worst.

Oxygen starvation of the brain during dry and secondary drowning sneaks up on you, but it is fatal.

It is better to pass the parent-alarmist in the eyes of everyone, than to buy a new crib instead of the little coffin.

How to prevent?

Always let the children on water in life jackets or floaties. Always keep an eye on them. Even the most experienced swimmer in danger of accidentally inhaling the water. Always perestrahovatsya in case of the slightest doubt.

According to the materials of Good Housekeeping and stalker-nt.ru

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