November 17, 2016

Red cottage pies, but in the current heat the plates to stand unbearable! Just to drink something prohladnenko, to the benefit of the country grows a lot of berries and herbs. Let’s make a drink from Basil! I have many years it is grown: a neighbor who once lived in Uzbekistan, taught.

At the Basilica many names (one of them – Raykhon), because many variations in color from green to purple, so the drink of Basil is obtained each time a different color. And shades smell a lot, but all types smell strong. That’s why just a salad it must add just a few leaves, otherwise he’ll kill the smell, and the taste too, all the other components. And dried Basil – it is necessary to scuff the powder adds to a dish no more than one gram. To freeze, by the way, I would not recommend grass will succeed! Now, about the drink of Basil will tell!

Very good fresh Basil and dried meat. And what is interesting: raw meat in the Basilica is very well preserved without a freezer, refrigerator, and more like marinated. Simply wipe the piece with a Basil powder. The color of the meat changes, but let this not discourage you.

When cooking hot dishes Basil, unfortunately, loses its flavor, so add it in the dish before serving. In General, there are a lot of vitamins, mineral salts, to relieve spasm, used and bactericidal properties.

Now about the drink of Basil! Boil three liters of water, run back 3 bunch of Basil (two purple and one green), and boil for 3 minutes. The water becomes the color of… Not gonna say what, because from the different quantity of a particular color of grass and the drink will turn out different. Affects the color and add to drink lemon juice (freshly squeezed only!) or honey – add it when the water has cooled to lukewarm. I can not tolerate honey, so add a third of Cup of sugar.

And generally do everything by eye, in addition to the volume of the Basilica — 3 beam (as in the market usually sell). In any case, the color of the drink is amazingly beautiful! And if you have to serve in tall glasses or stemware, table decorated with first grade! And you know, translated from the Persian Rayhan means “beautiful”. Serves drink Basil (Rayhan) and hot, but cold it tastes better. Heat still!

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