Double happiness. Stars who have born twins

July 29, 2016

To these women the stork flew down from a double, but very pleasant to bear twins. Which celebrities received such a nice gift? Read about it in our article.

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Alla Pugacheva

The twins Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin already for two years. Harry and Lisa was born through artificial insemination was hatched right out with the surrogate mother. However, Donna and her husband are the biological parents of twins Pugacheva froze my eggs. Alla actively developing and Instagram showing fans how the little ones grow up.

Ricky Martin

Photo: @ricky_martin

Hot guy, dream girls and guys, had tried to have kids, but he was not strong enough to undergo the procedure of adoption. Then the singer turned to the services of a surrogate mother and all nine months, was actively involved in her life. When in August 2008 gave birth to twins Valentino and Matteo, Ricky cried from happiness. He cares for kids, refused the services of a nanny, as he believes that children should grow up with a father.


Photo: Personastars

Six Artem and Martha his mother was forced to change lifestyle and to change the image. The name of their father she was hiding, but about the life of the twins tells everybody in social networks. The children Arbenina turned out different, but both are precocious, love music and poetry.

Angelina Jolie

Photo: Fotodom/Rex Features

The couple Jolie-pitt is known for his love of children. In 2008 they gave birth to twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcelin. Because the biological clock ticking, both parents, actors resorted to the procedure of in vitro fertilization that will increase the chances of pregnancy. It cost them 12 thousand dollars. Children are fond of reading and do not like attention of the paparazzi.

Alexander Malinin

Photo: @frol_malinin

Twins Frol and Ustinja born in 2000, becoming a pleasant surprise. Although old Malinin were twins, the birth of the twins surprised a young father. Children were engaged and parents and grandparents. The program was extensive and sports, and music, drawing and horse riding. Now Teens are old enough and communicate well with children Malinin from previous marriages.

Julia Roberts

Photo: Getty Images

The famous “Pretty woman” could not become pregnant at the age of 36 years she had her twins hazel Patricia and Finneus Walter. Roberts admits that resorted to artificial insemination after attempts to conceive naturally were not successful. After having children, the actress has made a career break to pursue their education.

Maria Shukshina

Photo: @mariashukshina

In 2005, Maria Shukshina gave birth to twins Thomas and Fock. The actress refused the offer doctors caesarean section and gave birth to them yourself. She concealed the name of the father of the boys, but later admitted that it was the Moscow lawyer Boris Vishnyakov. Have Shukshina, in addition to twins, there are two older children – son Makar and his daughter Anna.

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