Dmitry Shepelev was heavily criticized because of the book about Jeanne Friske

August 24, 2016

The leading accused in public relations and the use of the name of the deceased singer in the Mercantile purposes.

Recently in the media there is news about the release of a new book on the life of the late Jeanne Friske. The author of this work became the de facto spouse of the singer and the father of her only son, three-year-old Plato, presenter Dmitry Shepelev. The book, which will be called “Zhanna Friske” will be included in the series “legends of pop” publishing house “Eksmo”.

Showman told reporters that initially he did not think to write about the singer’s life, according to him, he just splashed his emotions and experiences on paper. In consequence of these candid recordings became the basis of this work. According to official statements Dmitry, the book tells about the life of Joan, about her habits and personal moments, about the relationship of the actress with Lisp and their son Platon.

However, the news of the release of the book was embraced by fans of the deceased celebrity negatively. Many accused the lead in PR and said he was very disappointed in it. “That’s somehow always my sympathies were on the side Shepeleva and liked the way that he is worthy of this story with relatives Friske comes out. But in vain he with the book, though, and it’s been a year. It would be better to him to the end to be silent and not touch this story with Jeanne. Now any attempt something to tell the world about Joan looks like an attempt to cash in while people are hot to”, “will They ever settle down?” – quoted comments of dissatisfied users of the Network “StarHit”.

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