Disappeared out of sight. The stars disappeared from the sky after a meteoric rise

August 19, 2016

Rapidly soaring into the starry sky, these celebrities were not able to really resist. Who are they brightly flashed hostage one role?

Alison Porter

Hardly anyone remembers how that was the name of the girl actress that played the main role in the movie “Curly sue”. Cute little girl, who became a star of one film, tried to pursue a career in film, but it failed. Overcoming dependence on alcohol and drugs, she retired from films and devoted herself to music. And it has paid off in may 2016, she won the American show “the Voice.” To it turned all four judges – Christina Aguilera, Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. In private life the 34-year-old singer is good, her husband and beautiful daughter.

Makkala Culkin

Having played his first film role in ten years, Makkala immediately became popular, and after the young actor starred in the movie “home Alone” it is firmly entrenched in the star. After the “home Alone” and “home Alone 2” was another film “Richie Rich”, and then things the actor has gone downhill. The boy’s father, who was his business, demanded large fees and forced the filmmakers to shoot the movies all children family Kucinich. Directors, in turn, chose not to remove does anyone. Since 2004, Makola trying to get back on the big screen, but attempts yet to bring it to its former glory.


In the end 90’s and early 200’s of her songs were heard from all radios. And at the peak of popularity, the singer received the terrible news – she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After treatment, the singer returned to the stage, but past success did not achieve. Few people can remember in our area, to be honest.

Luke Perry

Handsome Luke Perry, who played the charismatic Dylan in the TV series “Beverly hills, 90210” became mega-popular among girls of all ages. Unfortunately, he remained a hostage of one role. Nothing is more memorable he has failed to play.

Mischa Barton

Irish-American actress and model became famous for the role of Marissa Cooper in the series “Lonely hearts”. After fallen on her fame, Misha, like many of her colleagues, was fond of alcohol, drugs and sleeping pills. This could not affect the health and careers, it is simply no longer invited to appear.

Brian Austin Green

Another hero cult youth TV series “Beverly hills, 90210” is not too succeeded in an artistic career. But he is a great father of two sons and devoted husband sexy Megan Fox. Brian, apparently, is not too sorry that did not become a mega-star.


Kirill Tolmachev, real name decl, began his career at the age of 17 and immediately after the release of the first album was super popular. And after the second is gone. Say that he had a fight with his father, who helped him in his career of a musician. Now Declo 33 years, he still writes music, but about the success of the previous years he can only remember.

Jennifer Grey

Looking at this woman, would never guess that she played a big-nosed beautiful girl in the movie “Dirty dancing.” Yes, this is Jennifer danced with himself, Patrick Swayze! She managed to attract the attention of viewers and filmmakers, and she spent money on plastic surgery – has reduced the nose and even redid the face. And that’s all. Her meteoric rise was cut short by the surgeon’s knife – grey have not been learned. Was in her life minor roles in different films, but the success of “Dirty dancing” ever again.

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