Dill – the benefits and harms to health

August 27, 2016

Dill is the traditional form of greens for your favorite salad. We are accustomed to the fact that all this is useful and necessary. Can dill be harmful?

The beneficial properties of dill

This annual herb is literally overflowing with a variety of nutrients. It has:

  • vitamins C and A, D, E, and PP (nicotinic acid),
  • mineral salts (iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus),
  • fatty oil (linoleic, oleic, palmitic acid),
  • carbohydrates, flavonoids, pectin, etc.

From this list it follows that dill is useful to literally everyone. Babies from colic give dill water, adults use it to normalize metabolism, improve appetite and digestion. It even freshens breath! Fennel acts as an excellent analgesic in the stomach and carminative, so if you ate something (or a lot of “fact”), can send after a couple of leaves of dill.

Yes, what goes into the food is the leaves of dill fresh or dried. Seeds, stems and in some cases the inflorescence is used for distillation of essential oils, and for drying and subsequent use as a drug.

Eating fennel also shown high blood pressure – it greatly reduces the pressure. In General it helps with angina, and the neuroses, and even hemorrhoids!

Lotion from the leaves of the dill, reduce the redness around the eyes, and the essential oil from its seeds are sometimes used in perfumery.

By the way, in dill contains volatile. So adding its leaves in jars with pickling vegetables will protect them from zaplesnevelye.

Harm fennel for health

Dill is probably the most healthy product. Contraindication it has only one – hypotension, i.e. low blood pressure. This is a consequence of its ability to relieve the pressure. And then, if not to get carried away eating dill, and hypotensive he’s not hurt.

There is another idiosyncrasy, but cases of allergies is on the dill were recorded. So don’t eat it, in fact, only those few who somehow don’t like the taste.

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