Dictionary of salon treatments: 15 terms you need to know

September 16, 2016

Salons offer so many services that an inexperienced person is sometimes very easy to get confused. It differs from mesotherapy biorevitalisation, what is Botox and facelift? Understand all the terms and names!


Bioreinforcement — it is a procedure that allows to correct the face oval, to give it its former contours and fight the visible wrinkles. Under the skin is injected with a special gel containing hyaluronic acid — the doctor makes injections in a specific pattern, given the characteristics of the face. The gel makes the cells hard to produce elastin and collagen, resulting in a connective tissue — like frame that supports the skin.


Biorevitalization is nothing like the injection of hyaluronic acid. Indications for this procedure — the presence of fine wrinkles, dull skin tone and dehydration. After the first time visible changes: wrinkles are smoothed and skin looks more healthy and fresh. From mesotherapy biorevitalization differs only in that the injections are introduced into the deeper layers of the epidermis.


Blepharoplasty — surgical method of eliminating a very strong age-age overhang.


Many people mistakenly call the Botox procedure itself, when in fact Botox is a drug that is injected under the skin injection. The basis of the drug — botulinum toxin, a substance that blocks the facial muscles. After the injection of the botulinum toxin relaxes the muscles so that wrinkles are smoothed out automatically. Using Botox to correct the wrinkles around the eyes, cross the forehead, of the nose and nose wings. Qualitatively, the procedure is fairly long lasting effect — 6-9 months.


Carboxytherapy is a rejuvenating technique based on the subcutaneous injection of carbon dioxide (CO2). Ironically, carbon dioxide is struggling with a lack of oxygen in tissues is one of the causes of premature aging. During the procedure a special gun with several thin needles injected CO2 in the middle layers of the skin. Typically, the visible result need to do 5-10 sessions.


Criteriabased is the way to clean leather using very low temperatures. The procedure also helps to get rid of scars and acne. It is done in several stages — all the surface of the face is divided into small areas, which in turn is the impact (cryosurgery) with a special device.

Lymphatic drainage facial massage

The lymphatic system is the basis of immunity. Lymph excretes microbes, viruses, toxins, waste products of the cells, eliminates excess intercellular fluid. If the person moves little or not eating, there is a stagnation of lymph in the body. It is because of this stagnation, our skin looks flabby and dull. The task of the lymphatic drainage facial massage to improve blood circulation, relieve swelling and restore skin’s lost tone. This type of massage can be manual or hardware, and after the proper course of treatments the effect of a natural lifting of the skin becomes more supple and taut.


A facelift is any procedure designed to tightening of the skin. Lifting can be as a systems (hardware) and operating.


Mesotherapy is a procedure in which a drug is injected using fine needles into the middle layer of the skin. Typically, injections are made from certain cocktails are selected individually. Most often the drug is hyaluronic acid, amino acids and multivitamins.

Muscle toning

Myostimulation — is a procedure that affects the muscles by electric pulses, thus improving blood flow and increasing metabolism. Muscle toning can be both face and body. If we are talking about the person, the procedure helps to reduce wrinkles and muscle toning problematic body areas eliminates a couple of extra inches.


PRP is a procedure of rejuvenation by injection of own plasma of the patient. First draw blood from the vein, which is then placed in a centrifuge blood is separated into components, one of which is plasma. This plasma injection administered into the problematic areas (eye area, forehead, around the nose, etc.).


Softlifting is a surgical procedure of rejuvenation, when under the skin type of fillers based on hyaluronic acid. Feature softlifting that it is possible to select the optimum depth, where is the filler for the best result. Sometimes the filler is injected not even under the skin and in the deeper muscle layers of tissues. Softlifting usually recommended for older women over 60.


Thermage — non-surgical tightening of the skin. The ThermaCool device acts on problem areas varying electromagnetic field stimulating the production of collagen. Today this technique is the most advanced and advanced, so as soon as Thermage may affect the deepest layers of the skin.


Fillers (aka dermal fillers) is a material that is injected under the skin with injections. There are several types of fillers of different densities, but they are all based on hyaluronic acid. With fillers it is possible to adjust the cheekbones, chin, cheeks and even face shape.

Fractional resurfacing

Fractional resurfacing is a non-surgical method of skin tightening for the face and body. He performed with a special laser device Fraxel. The purpose of the procedure lies in the fact that as a result of exposure to the skin actively produces collagen to form a new fiber. Interestingly, the effect of prolonged — that is, within six months after 2-3 sessions, you can see how the skin gradually smoothes out and the result is becoming more and more visible.

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