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January 29, 2017

Design Studio apartment often to think much harder than to plan a large space. It is important to consider all advantages and disadvantages, and also with the maximum possible benefit from every inch.

Do not worry about the fact that you are the owner of “odnushki”. It is always possible to alter or arrange so that each guest will be delighted by your cozy home! With the design of a Studio apartment, do not forget that your main task is to correctly zone the main and only room. Immediately determine where a working area, a place for rest and storage. This is important in order not to create a sense of chaos in the room.

Tips for design Studio apartment

  1. Design Studio apartment needs to be thought through carefully – it is better to take the advice of an experienced architect.
  2. Demolition of partitions and moving walls is better to consult with the builders. Wrong move can backfire.
  3. The interior of the Studio apartments try to fill with light, to make airy and minimalistic. The small details will just clutter up the space and create a sense of chaos. Get rid of unnecessary things. Give them a second life, otveta them to a shelter, kennel or giving to neighbors and friends.
  4. If you need to plan a tiny space, for example, to design a Studio apartment 28 sq. m., then mention that, might have to give up some familiar things. For example, a large Desk for you. Better buy a laptop and a folding table or stand, so you will save space. Fight for every inch and you will feel how nice it is to live in the apartment with the interior made by our own, carefully thought-out project.
  5. Move the wardrobe in the hallway or make the doors fully mirrored. Visually, the room will be more. If the corridor is small, take up a smaller part of the room, leaving her on a shallow wardrobe. In this case you can put is absolutely all things and to avoid buying additional hinged shelves, cabinets and everything that takes up precious space in the interior of the Studio apartments.

The interior of the Studio apartments

The interior of the Studio apartments do not tolerate the presence of the bulky Desk. Instead, buy a good stand for a laptop, but if you have a desktop computer, place the system unit under a small Desk or put it sideways on the window sill. The latter, incidentally, do not try to take only the flower pots. Much more benefit you will gain from the sill, if you use it as a shelf for a small Studio apartment. Store books on it, put a printer or scanner, make the exhibition of toys or unusual jars. In General, create a windowsill from not just a place to set pots, try to make it as a storage space for the right and beautiful things. One of the best ways is to place a book on it interspersed with the photos. Your interior one-bedroom apartments will become a lot more attractive and comfortable. Simple, functional and beautiful!

If your Studio apartment features a balcony, you’re in luck. It can be turned into a cozy room, insulated floors, hanging shelves, curtains and fashioned a handy table from the rest of the kitchen countertops, for example. In this case, there’s not much to clutter up the balcony. All you’ll need is a Desk, chair, shelves and lamp. So you actually get a second small room where you will be able to go about their business, working on the computer, read books. You can turn a balcony into a small workshop, presenting the idea of her husband. This is possible even in the design Studio apartment 35 sq. m.

If, nevertheless, your design Studio apartment involves the use of the balcony as a place to store unwanted and rarely used things, then try to arrange all the space. Attach a lot of hooks, hang shelves, use the ceiling and walls of the balcony in order to keep the bike, for example. Dividing the entire space of the balcony into smaller areas – so you, first, avoid the landfill, and secondly, ensure a quick and unhindered access to all the stored stuff. On the balcony you can also move the fridge if your kitchen has enough space for all the equipment. Keep it fruits and vegetables, as well as all banks with pickles and summer clothes.

So, you have a one room. The first thing to discard carpets, thick curtains, voluminous cushions. They will weight the interior of the Studio apartment and gather a large amount of dust. The TV hang on the wall or hide in a closet or Cabinet, so you have more free space.

Design Studio apartment also involves the active use of artificial light sources. Try to highlight all the main areas: working area, storage and recreation. In the wardrobe you can build a small local illumination, and thus to facilitate the search for things in the depths of the shelves.

The interior of the Studio apartments are best made in the style of hi-tech, minimalist or classic. Try to avoid sharp color contrasts. Choose one or two basic colors and several shades that will match with each other. Successful combinations are considered to be blue and brown, beige and brown, beige and blue, pink and green, gray and white, gray and green.

Don’t forget to consider another important point in planning the design Studio apartment. The door in the room creates a dead zone in the open position. Seriously think about whether it is necessary for you. If it is not functional, remove it and leave an empty hole. You can replace it with a folding option or a curtain to the floor.

Please note the furniture wall. If you have to design a Studio apartment 30 sq. m., for example, it is worth considering whether it is important. Bulky wall to the ceiling height should be replaced by a rack or a shallow wardrobe with mirror, made the whole length of the wall. You will be able to zone it in and find a place for clothes, books and other things. If your family watch TV too often, you can hide it in the depths of the wardrobe and open up the door when you want to turn it on. The TV also can be hung on a wall bracket and a small model to put on the fridge in the kitchen, for example. More ideas for small Studio apartments.

Often people are afraid to use open shelves considering them old fashioned and inconvenient in terms of cleaning and afraid to mess up their design Studio. Can you say with certainty that open shelves significantly ease the problem of storage space. They become indispensable in homes where love books, movies on disks, Souvenirs, collectible figurines. You can free up space in the closet for other things and move on wall-mounted shelves of the books, for example.

Very convenient in a small one-room apartments use folding furniture and transformers. Design Studio apartment is an excellent choice for such experiments. If you still remember the old Soviet, which was formed in a narrow Cabinet, then you will understand what was going on. Now a lot of companies in the production of modern furniture offer unusual options for tables, cabinets, tables, storage boxes, collapsible chairs and folding beds.

Surround yourself with only necessary and useful things, try to avoid ill-considered purchases, especially when it comes to furniture and interior design. And remember that a small apartment is filled with comfort a lot easier than most, the main thing is to really want it and believe in themselves.

Masha Guseva

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