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February 4, 2017

Correctly and efficiently to design small apartments is an art. We all know that less than square meters we have, the more carefully should consider the design of a small apartment.

Useful findings for the design of a small apartment

  • Small living room is lack of space for bulky wardrobes. Try to do a shallow compartment or replace cabinets, chests of drawers, so you can save space. Try to find glossy finishing materials, or use more mirrors in the design – this will allow you to visually expand the space by reflecting part of the room. The interior of a small living room best made in bright colours, to use simple decorative elements, light tulle curtains or blinds. Try to avoid a large number of figurines and other Souvenirs, as well as too small-scale paintings on the walls, fluffy carpet on the walls and floors. They are visually reduce the room and gather a huge amount of dust.
  • If in a small apartment there are animals, their bedding, couches and litter should be taken away. For example, you could place the sleeping bag of cat or dog under the table or by the window, so it will not interfere with the free flow and will not clutter up the space.
  • The interior of a small kitchen involves a transfer of the washing machine in the bathroom, if possible, and refrigerator in the corridor or balcony area. These options are possible, the main thing – correctly to plan the working area in a small kitchen to her left as much space as possible. Don’t try to fit in a small kitchen everything. For example, if you can do without a washing machine in the kitchen, you better give this case under additional drawers or storage units. Instead of a large dining table it is possible to make a likeness of the bar, flowing into the window sill. So you will save space, since usually the width of the countertop, which is made it’s a stand smaller than the width of a full table. Don’t be afraid to buy high bar stools – it looks very stylish.
  • In a small kitchen you need to use the wall. For example, it is possible to beat a small shallow shelf, which will accommodate all the jars of tea and spices, which are now stored on the countertop, taking up a lot of useful space. And you can go even further and nail the rails – a metal tube with hooks on which to hang cups, potholders, and other small objects, occupying the working surface of the table. Very fashionable now idea to store pots and pans on a hanging holder. It looks very stylish, especially if you dedicate to this most of the walls. So you will loose cupboards under other utensils and is unused wall space, not visually utagulov it.
  • Bathroom design small size is quite simple. Replace the bathroom to shower, all the floor cabinets will turn into hanging shelves. In addition, design small bathrooms includes skillful disguise with panels hanging on the walls of the pipe and oblique angles. The tiles in the bathroom choose gentle tones, avoid bright and dark combinations. You can use a combination of white with any other color necrocosm. Design small bathrooms also suggests mounting the shelves near the ceiling. There you will be able to keep inventory of household chemicals, without taking up needed space on the lower shelves and the floor.
  • To correctly design a small bedroom, it is necessary to abandon the massive headboard, bedside tables and massive wardrobes. You can put the chest of drawers of small depth, or to hold cosmetics and other small items on the windowsill. Pay special attention to the large mirrors and proper lighting, so you definitely will win the battle with a small square meters, and prove that good design small bedrooms also available!

Some of the rules of the design of a small apartment

  1. Bulky cabinets up to the ceiling visually greatly reduce the vital meters of the room. It is better to purchase chests of drawers and mirrored wardrobe.
  2. Do not try to zone the space by means of screens and partitions. Better to put a sofa in the middle of the room, encircling the workspace behind the couch, from the recreation area ahead.
  3. Read more useful interior magazines and blogs, as a rule, on them you can find a lot of useful information on your problem. Believe me, your apartment is not the only malogabaritki, there are people who live on much smaller feet than you. Follow the advice of seasoned, who have already faced and successfully overcome the phase of repair in a small apartment. Their advice will help you to reduce the time to develop a plan, new interior and protect it from unwanted acquisitions.
  4. In a small apartment it is not recommended to hang heavy curtains. They will close part of the window, preventing the free penetration of daylight. Replace them with shutters, blinds or tulle.
  5. It is not necessary to hush up the window sills of massive flower pots. They’ll be free or are used to store more necessary items. Better to buy a couple of cute little flowers and put them, without blocking daylight.
  6. The Wallpaper is better to choose plain or with a simple light pattern. Avoid embossed and thick Wallpapers with shiny elements. Don’t chop the space of one room with Wallpaper of a different color. It is better to buy Wallpaper for painting, if you get tired of the white color, you will always be able to change the color of your walls.
  7. The owners of small apartments should abandon the blind side tables and coffee tables – you’ll literally bump into them when moving around the room, moreover, usually these furnishings do not bear a special burden, so easily replaced by portable trays and shelves.
  8. The design of a small apartment does not involve unnecessary pieces of furniture. So, flat is better not to put on specially purchased for his stand, which will also occupy part of the space. Attach the bracket to the wall and hang the TV at eye level or slightly below. Thus, you avoid buying additional article of furniture, and you will find the use of empty wall square. But remember, too high to hang a TV and not worth it. Your neck will be in an awkward position and numb.
  9. Don’t be afraid to use a folding furniture. For example, compact to store folding chairs or use a folding table that can expand to normal size.
  10. Make the most of space underneath cabinets, beds and designs. There is nothing wrong if you carefully bury a couple of boxes with unnecessary things. But don’t be Pushkinym, all the unused things get, they will free up space for new acquisitions necessary.

Deciding on a renovation in a small apartment, do not forget that the design of the room is small in size, is, first of all, the ability to combine colors, cleverly organized work space, and accents that emphasize your great taste and creative approach. If you are the owner of a small apartment, do not worry! Make the original repair, at its own unique project and hit all of the friends and relatives who don’t recognize your apartment a new look. Good luck to you!

Masha Guseva

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