September 5, 2016

Chronicle bean has more than 8 thousand years. Love her very much in many countries, no one meal in Mexico and Brazil will not pass without the beans. A classic English Breakfast – beans in tomato sauce with sausages and toasted crispbread. National Georgian dish Lobio, in its composition also contains beans.
Imported into Russia legume in the early 16th century from Turkey. At first it was grown decorative. And only in the 18th century it was grown as a vegetable.
Carry beans are one of the most useful health products have medicinal properties, which are not lost during thermal treatment, freezing and canning. 100 g green beans crouches 293 kcal of energy value. Also the bean seeds contain 25 percent protein. For this they are often called the meat of the vegetable type.
Today we offer You a recipe of delicious bean salad. Beautiful, hearty, delicious salad that can take the place of a decent main dish on Your table.

Ingredients for making “a Delicious salad with beans :

  • red beans (canned 1банка – 450 grams);
  • tomato (medium) – 3-5штуки;
  • chicken egg (boiled) – 3 pieces;
  • garlic -1-2 cloves;
  • peppers(Chile) – a beam;
  • parsley – beam;
  • onions(green) – beam;
  • sour cream or vegetable oil for the filling 4-5 tablespoons;
  • mustard (beans)- 2 tablespoons;
  • salt (sea)- a pinch;
  • pepper (powdered) – a pinch;

To prepare delicious bean salad You will need only 20 minutes.
Open the jar of beans and atteriwem it through a sieve so that all the liquid glass with the banks. Next, boil the eggs and cut into slices, put in a bowl and to them add the beans. Sometimes there are situations that canned beans don’t have one, then it can be safely replaced on boiled green beans. Before cutting the tomatoes if they are meaty varieties), be sure to remove the butt. Slices of tomatoes pereeived to the salad. For flavor and fragrance use salt, garlic and pepper at your discretion. As to the salad is recommended to add Basil, parsley and onion. Dressed with a delicious salad with beans sour cream and add the mustard bean.
Salad mix and serve. Important salad to serve immediately on the table, he would not let the juice.
A simple and elegant recipe salad, Bon appetit.

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