Daughter tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov earns 200,000 rubles for shooting

August 16, 2016

17-year-old Ales Kafelnikov makes a successful career as a model. The young beauty has already participated in shows of famous designers and has shot for the glossy, but many of their members were unaware that the fees girls can envy even the most famous models.

Ales Kafelnikov began a modeling career while still a schoolgirl. Unusual facial features and a perfect figure helped the girl rapidly become constant character fashion shots and gossip. This year the successor of the famous tennisist Yevgeny Kafelnikov finished school, but she earns enough to support themselves.

Young model actively communicating with its subscribers in social networks. Kafelnikov even started a page on the popular portal Ask.fm, where every fan to ask her a personal question. The sincerity with which Ales answered many of them, sometimes forcing her to remove her revelations, but the fans prudently removed the screenshots of the records. One of them relating to the income model, made a lot of noise in the Network.

Fans of stars asked what are the fees for participation of the young model in the shot. Kafelnikov admitted that for this work she receives an average of 200 000 rubles. In addition, Alesya said that in addition to the beautiful clothes and makeup can afford the maintenance of the horse, which costs 75 000 rubles per month.

Photo: @alesyakaf

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