Cutting, coloring and treatments. How to care for your hair according to the lunar cycles?

August 31, 2016

Observe these simple recommendations and in time you will feel like your scythe becomes stronger, filled with power and energy. Soon your hair will be transformed!

Many women dream of having long, thick and silky hair and ready to go at all, just to get achieve this. Some take vitamins, and others make masks and use a variety of means for hair care. But is that enough? How to grow a beautiful and healthy hair, says astrologer and women’s coach, expert of the First channel Julia carpenter.

Why would a woman strong style?

From time immemorial it is believed that the hair – the power of women and to their beauty one should strive not only for aesthetic reasons, but also from the energy point of view. Many historians have noted that the words “beard” and “space” are very similar. Indeed, the hairs act as a kind of antenna through which connection to the Cosmos. Even in antiquity many men, especially soldiers, had long hair, it was considered a sign of strength. If the man wanted to hurt or humiliate, then he cut them.

In Russia there was a tradition: girls wore long hair in a braid, thus they like collecting energy together. Remember, what we do, coming home after a busy day? As a rule, collect hair in a bun or ponytail, wishing themselves to “save” that energy is not the slop. Flowing hair, on the contrary, talking about a relaxed and peaceful state women. Hair carry energy, so you need to give them due attention. Now not all women can boast of a healthy and long hair. Therefore, in order to spur their growth and to improve the quality, it is not only important to eat right and apply balms and masks, but also to choose an auspicious day for haircuts and hair care products.

How the Moon affects the beauty and strength of hair?

In astrology the Moon is considered as female planet. It not only affects our habits and preferences, but also on our body, our metabolism. The moon is growing and waning. The phases of the moon largely affect our mood and health, but also for the skin and hair. And if at least one centimeter to one opportune day, they will start to grow faster. There are a lot of calendars haircuts, based on the phase of the moon, but, as practice shows, many of them contain wrong information. If you want to calculate auspicious days for haircuts and colorings, and thereby to spur hair growth, I recommend the following rules.

Wait the moon is waxing. To cut hair is recommended when the moon is waxing, ideally in Leo (grow lion’s mane) and in Virgo. Slightly less auspicious days come, when the growing Moon in Libra, Taurus or Capricorn. If there is an urgent need, you can get a haircut these days.

Study the lunar calendar. With the help of it you can determine the best days to visit the Barber. Clipping is usually favorable 5, 8, 11, 13, 14, 19, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28 a lunar day. Please note that this is not the number of months and lunar days. To find out what is now the lunar days, use the lunar calendar.

Keep track of “idle” the moon. You cannot get a haircut when the Moon is void of course. Schedule the “idle” of the moon, for example, to find in any search engine on request: “the Moon without a course August 2016 Moscow”;

Watch for the waning Moon. If you have short hair, and you’d like her a little longer to save, keep your head cleansed only on the waning moon. Based on these recommendations, you can pick the perfect time for you haircuts or coloring.

Beauty secrets: what not to forget?

You must always remember that only follow the lunar recommendations is not enough. The secret of beautiful hair lies also in the inner harmonious state of women and proper hair care. To achieve them several ways:

Healthy eating. This is one of the main components of a beautiful appearance of women. In the first place as you will eliminate from your diet fast food, sodas, flour, sweet, fried and fatty. Instead, put your emphasis on whole grains, fruits, vegetables, sweets use fruits and honey. Drink plenty of fluids, clean water. Sometimes arrange a fasting days: give up red meat and observe the sensations. Possibly, you will feel lightness and surge of energy.

Organic cosmetics. Look for products which contain natural ingredients. Good makeup does not have to be expensive, however, in it there should be no harmful SLS. Make regular nourishing mask, use oils, and after each wash conditioner or conditioner. The shampoo should be applied on the roots and half the length of the hair, as the ends do not become soiled so quickly. Balms and mask only on the ends, not reaching the roots.

Gentle care. Consider how often and what devices you use for styling and hair drying. A Hairdryer should be good, not to dry the hair. Use leave-in protective treatment for the hair before using a flat iron or hair dryer. Most allow hair to dry yourself if you are at home. Also, use combs made from natural materials, for example, ridges.

A good hairdresser. If you want to grow long hair, do not forget that every 2-3 months to visit the Barber and cut off dry ends, so they are not whipped and do not weigh down the hair. Find your masters, whom you can trust: good emotional contact with the hairdresser is also important for hair growth.

Following these simple guidelines, over time you will feel like your scythe becomes stronger, filled with power and energy. And soon your hair will be transformed.

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