November 14, 2016

Hello, dear friends!

Like go to the supermarket, be sure to buy something unplanned. And today could not resist and picked up a magazine with beautiful recipes. Very well decorated — I get great pleasure from the work of the photographer, considering a variety of dishes, full of light.

I bribed one recipe

Cottage cheese casserole with fruit

I bought a slow cooker cheese casserole. It then began to prepare everything.
This casserole is not simple. The recipe includes honey, apples and oranges.
You already did this?

Of course, I cooked this casserole on its own. And not in the oven, and slow cooker.
Cheese pie recipe with fruit for a slow cooker (and not only):

  • – 250 g of cottage cheese
  • – 1 egg
  • – 2 tbsp of semolina or fine corn grits
  • – 2 teaspoons of honey
  • – 1 tsp lemon juice
  • – 1 tsp of sugar
  • – 1 Apple
  • – 1 orange
  • soda 1/4 tsp

The preparation of this casserole

– To the bottom of the pan should be laid slices of apples. But, as they will give juice to the bottom I poured a little grain.

We have been in a casserole stopped adding flour. Checked that semolina is much better — well it swells and retains the structure of the curd. I went even further in his experimental cooking, and replaced the semolina into small corn grits. She could be useful and might be something new. And so it happened — about the taste read more.

Orange peel and cut into slices the apples.

– Prepare cheese mass from the cheese, eggs, sugar, honey and cereals. I took it corn. Add soda, slaked lemon juice. I do not separate the yolks from protein, protein does not beat, then gently put him in the ground. Products are blended in an arbitrary order. Slow cooker, it is all the same. She baked all with equal success.

– Cottage cheese can be a little to withstand for the swelling of cereals. At this time you can prepare the fruits.

– Then gently close the fruit at the bottom of the slow cooker with the cheese mass, flatten.

– Turn on the program “Milk porridge” in multivarku “Panasonic” or your favorite program for casseroles. The program runs 1 hour. At the end of the check. Importantly, the top was tight (in practice, you will understand what it needs to be). Even if the top is very tender to the touch — turn off the slow cooker, leave the lid off, let stand and thicken. You can get a pot of the multicooker.

– If you find that the top still sticks like raw weight, it is necessary to include the program again, but not for long.

Before you get your new product, I shake the pan, turning several times in a circle. Then hear the pudding pop on the bottom — so all is well. They never were bad.
Invert the pan and take a pastry on hand, put on a plate, fruit side up. This time on grid to put did not risk — a very soft consistency.

To eat the dish is best slightly warm. You will see that no cream is not necessary — tasty-tasty!
In this role casserole corn grits I didn’t quite feel because the taste is identified the fruit. Then I added corn to the usual casserole. And very much were surprised — what’s with the creamy taste?

Previously, I tried adding rye and oats — so for a change. It turned out that corn is so great combined with cream cheese and enriches, oddly enough, a milky note of casseroles some mysterious shade.

Didn’t think a line of casseroles you can also still continue to add something new, changing not only the number of eggs, adding milk or dried fruit. With a little imagination, practice and will have a variety of even more interesting cheese casserole — and there is no end to them.

This recipe with orange inspired me to another interesting variation. Prepare a jar of cherry jam without seeds or fruit compote. The next time you prepare a casserole with cherries — made several times already — simply delicious! For me it’s just “new word” in the favorite cottage-cheese casseroles.

I wish you success and good mood in the kitchen! If you are a woman — enjoy, switching your thoughts on cooking. If you are a man, then preparing this dish you a little practice your patience. Good luck!

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