Contagious Disease Prevention in the Workplace

May 31, 2017

Contagious Disease Prevention in the Workplace

Preventing the transmission of contagious infections in your workplace and home is the responsibility of each of us. A few common sense rules that are easy to apply can improve you odds of avoiding some of the most common illnesses and of spreading them to your family or co-workers.
Microorganisms that cause disease may be transmitted from one person to another in many ways. Some are preventable. Transmission of some diseases can occur through coughing or sneezing, such as the common cold. Others are transmitted via ingesting contaminated food or water, frequently infected by contaminated hands or unsanitary food preparation methods. Still other disease causing microorganisms are spread through sexual contact or through insects and other animals. Our common sense tips focus on the prevention of diseases transmitted primarily through direct and indirect contact with other people in our work and living space. These preventable diseases include the common cold, flu viruses, intestinal viruses, and bacterial infections such as staph and strep.
A few simple rules that we can all follow will improve your and your co-workers’, your family and friends’ chances of avoiding the common cold, the flu, stomach viruses and diarrhea.

1) Be aware of where you’ve recently placed your hands before you pick up anything you intend to put in your mouth
2) Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly with water and soap. Use alcohol- based hand gels when soap and water are unavailable
3) Utilize hands-free, touch less restroom accessories wherever available. Many building managers have now replaced their restroom soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers and trashcans with the new “hygienic” infrared operated, automatic models. You and your co-workers should encourage your employer or building manager to replace the older restroom accessories with the new touchless dispensers and hands free trash cans. Automatic trash receptacles and touchless waste baskets with hands-free infrared open/close lids for offices, dining areas and restrooms as well as hands free soap dispensers , touchless paper towel dispensers and touch-free hand dryers are available on the internet at very modest prices.
4) Cover you face when coughing or sneezing .Use Kleenex tissues rather than cloth handkerchiefs and immediately wash your hands with soap and water or alcohol gel before you touch anything else. Politely remind your co-workers if you see them spreading germs. It is easy to make a healthy suggestion without offending them.
5) Limit your exposure as much as possible to anyone that exhibits symptoms of the flu or a cold, such as sneezing, coughing or complaining about how bad they are feeling.
6) If you are already sick, please avoid exposing others, i.e. Stay at home. Do not travel about unnecessarily.

If you will follow these simple rules you will be doing your part to help reduce the transmission of disease in your space. Encourage others to do the same.

About the Author: Mark Thevenot is a free-lance author of family- friendly articles promoting a healthy environment. His website is Visitors to his website may download a Free Rx Discount Card, compliments of the author.

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