Classic style in the interior

February 4, 2017

Trends change, but classics are eternal. If you’re conservative in character and lifestyle, feel free to choose a classic style in the interior and don’t be afraid that it will be irrelevant. Usually classic interior people choose self-confident, who appreciate beauty and sophistication. It is a large number of decorative elements, natural materials, intricate shapes, warm colors in textiles and finishes.

Classic style in the interior immediately suggests that repair is done efficiently and for a long time. Decorative elements of the classical style is often inherited from grandmothers and great-grandmothers and will be inherited for a long time. This also applies to furniture and accessories: watches, paintings, phones, lamps, figurines.

Tips to create a classic style in the interior

  • The lighting in the apartment with classical interior is usually bright and festive. Choose chandeliers with crystal pendants or lamps with floral motifs, can’t go wrong! Often in apartments with classic-style interiors use the same layout of lamps Central. In the middle of the ceiling is a large chandelier, which will light up your whole room.
  • Classic style in the interior is also impossible to imagine without the expensive textiles. Select a beautiful patterned blinds, which will become a work of art and hang them on the eaves framing – your guests and relatives will be delighted. You can use wooden curtain rods and wrought iron can be made of metal, made to order. Now they are very popular among connoisseurs of the classics.
  • Use only natural, high-quality linens. In textile design for classic bedroom give preference to vegetable motives. How to choose the color in the interior bedroom.
  • Classic style in the interior is characterized by comfortable and soft carpeted floors in living room and bedroom. Lay the woven mats in the bathroom and in the bathroom, they will support the overall style and not give legs to catch a cold on the tile floor after bathing.
  • Don’t forget about decorative cushions. Made in the technique of tapestry, for example, and adorned with tassels at the corners, they become works of art in your home. Bedspreads pick up a similar style and color scheme. Let all the details in the interior of your home in tune with each other.
  • Do not hesitate and complete one wall or part of it, placing on her all the awards of family members, diplomas, and commemorative photo. If you are keen on studying the history of his family, can make a beautiful family tree, by ordering a print or doing it on fabric. As original way to decorate the walls.
  • Insert photos into beautiful artsy form and patterns of the frame is one of the signs that you used a classical style in the interior. It can be as natural wood and metal or other noble material.
  • When choosing flooring for classic interior style, pay attention to the laminate or hardwood floor. You can pick up high-quality linoleum , similar in appearance to the laminate, it will also look good in the apartment with a classical interior. Often floors made of marble. It makes classic style in the interior is more luxurious.
  • The walls in a classic taken issue with in one color. Can do a bright Wallpaper or paint the walls, webelow them so they didn’t attract much attention. Importantly, in a classical setting – this furniture and decorative items. Wall – background, which helps to create the overall mood.
  • If you still decided to make an accent wall, choose a fully saturated colors, avoid translucent pictures and incomprehensible abstract patterns, which transform classic style in the interior of the mixture.
  • Decorative elements in classic living room is a statue, massive clocks, chandeliers, vases. Usually passed from generation to generation and carefully preserved in the family for decades. Feel free to exhibit all the trophies and Souvenirs that gave you or you brought from distant journeys. Put them on a separate shelf or take them walls, if it’s pictures, masks and other items that can be hung.
  • Window and door openings in homes with a classic interior design often come in the form of arches. If you still decided to leave the interior doors, it is best to choose a solid, valuable species. Will also fit doors, made to order and decorated with patterns and glass.
  • Add luxury in a classic interior room decorating pillars. They can be made from marble, granite, plaster or more simple materials. The main thing – do not overdo the thickness of the column, and to correctly identify its location.
  • Classic interior living room also implies the existence of niches. They can build shelves with lighting and store books, for example. Of course, before you do niche, consult with architects and sure enough wall thickness to punch her in the niche.
  • To classic interior was truly spectacular, pay attention to the little things like technique. It should not be made in a modern style. Select the model of the oven and hoods, made antique, and hide in the TV Cabinet or book him in a big vintage frame and hang it on the wall.
  • Classic style try to stick in every detail. Pay attention to the dishes – you should not be assorted mugs and cups, prefer family sets and kitchenware from the same series. Purchase towels with a beautiful embroidered or make it yourself. Use the beautiful dining napkins, trays, milk jugs, decanters, tweezers, konfetnica – all these things are not only a thing of the past, but got a second life and become relevant and fashionable now.
  • Actively use things in retro style. From all directions it is best combined with the classics, so look at your nearest thrift store or ask your grandmother’s old statues would be appropriate.

Classic style living room

Classic living room is a combination of wood furniture, thick textiles, and ornate lamps. If you’re a fan of Antiques, it is completely your style. Classic style living room is only expressed in a warm and cozy atmosphere and low color contrasts. Peach, beige, terracotta, brown, Burgundy is a color that often contain classic interior living room.

Classic style bedrooms

Classic bedroom interior, among other things, characterized by the presence of items made of noble materials – wood, glass, stone, fabrics. Do not forget that the things you inherited from grandparents, here will be very relevant. Remember that classics never go out of fashion. It is better to design the interior in a restrained classical style with a touch of antiquity, than unknowingly mix elements of different styles and get tasteless eclecticism. First of all, trust your intuition, don’t be afraid to ask for advice from family members and friends and take information and ideas from specialized sites and magazines. Let your house will be cozy and darling guests there will be more and more.

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