July 1, 2016

Strawberries, chocolate and champagne – this is the most basic components of any romantic dinner, especially on Valentine’s Day. And how to present them and in what kind of environment is Your business. Here are a few simple recipes of strawberries and chocolate. Choose, prepare and enjoy the amazingly sweet taste of love!

1. Chocolate-covered strawberries.


· Strawberry

· Chocolate

For making chocolate-covered strawberries, you need to choose a solid strawberry. Bed berries in the freezer for half an hour to have a thin crust of ice. At this time, a bar of dark chocolate melt in a water bath. Then take a strawberry and dip it in hot chocolate, then put into the freezer for a few minutes, the chocolate froze.

2. Meringue with strawberries and chocolate.


· 3 protein from eggs

· 6 tablespoons sugar

· 200 ml cream

· Gelatin

· 300 g strawberries

· 150 g of chocolate

Beat with a blender the egg whites, gradually adding sugar. Whip until a hard peak. Add 100 ml cream and gelatin, mix gently. Add 200 g sliced strawberries and put everything in a special split mold. Send in the freezer before hardening. For the topping melt the chocolate and add the remaining cream, mix thoroughly. After curing, the meringue extracted from the form and pour on top of prepared topping. Use the remaining strawberries for decoration of dishes.

3. Panna cotta with strawberry and chocolate.


· 50 ml of strawberry juice

· 50 g of sugar

· Chocolate

· 4 strawberries

· Pod of vanilla or vanilla sugar

· 15 g gelatin

· 500 ml heavy cream 30%

First lay down the gelatin in the water for swelling. Mix the cream with the sugar and vanilla and boil for a few minutes. After cooling, add a little more than half of the gelatin. Also stir the warmed juice with the remaining gelatin. Mix up of the finished creamy mixture with the chocolate until smooth. In heart-shaped blend sliced strawberries and pour the mixture of juice. Set aside in refrigerator until cool. Then the top layer of juice with the strawberries pour the creamy mass and again cooling. After hardening of the two layers, pour over the chocolate and back in the fridge for four hours. At the expiration of time to wet the mold lower part to he sprinkled with a couple of seconds and turn to hearts fell to the plate.

4. Dessert of strawberries with chocolate.


· 200 g strawberries

· 50 g of chocolate

· 100 g cottage cheese

· 50 g cream

· 50 g of sugar

· Cinnamon

· Mint leaves

On a steam bath melt the chocolate. With the help of cling film covered by a regular butcher separately and pour 4 tablespoons of chocolate. From a spoon the chocolate should come out one medium-sized circle. Put in refrigerator to harden chocolate. At this time we do cottage cheese. To do this, mix the cheese, cream, sugar and a pinch of cinnamon in a blender. Whisk until cream-like consistency. Cut pre-washed strawberries slices. When the chocolate has cooled, spread his cottage cheese cream and put slices of berries. Cover with another circle of chocolate. Again grease with the cream, and spread the whole berry. Decorate with mint leaf.

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