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Do not believe those who say that cook oatmeal in milk.
First, an essential condition for the successful preparation of milk porridge
uphold clear proportion between the amount of milk and cereals,
which is added to the pot; second, it is necessary in the beginning
imagine what you want (cereal, milk liquid or thick consistency,
fully boiled or hard seeds).

Don’t forget that milk has the ability to “escape” right
on the stove (washed often), while “tightly” stick to it
surface, especially in the case of sweet porridge.

Tricks of experienced hostesses: how to cook oatmeal with milk

The Internet and cookbooks, you can often find recipes on the rules
which first need to cook the oatmeal in milk until soft to normal
clean water, and only then pour the milk and sugar, and
slowly, to cook to readiness. The logic in this option, making
there is so much less likely that the bottom of the pan will burn, or
porridge “run” ahead of time.

Some Housewives think the best option prescription
cooking porridge with milk, mixed with water. Most reliable
assistant in the jam cereal with milk is still considered

What you cook oatmeal in milk

This is useful, and the same delicious dish which I love as adults
and children are usually boiled cheap from different cereals:

• Semolina;
• Fig;
• Cereal;
• Corn grits;
• Buckwheat;
• Millet, etc.

How to serve cereal with milk

Milk can be taken not only familiar to us, cow, and goat, and
also exotic wood (walnut, coconut, soy milk, etc.).
Serve these cereals are usually in deep bowls with high sides or in a
pots, sometimes even in the pumpkin.

Decorate cereal with milk with berries and fruit more, chopped
to pieces (peaches, apples, etc.), nuts, add cottage cheese or yogurt.
Cereal milk is often used as a filling for sweet pies.
To serve a dish not only in the morning for Breakfast, but at any other
time during the day when there is a need for additional energy.

Best recipes: cook oatmeal in milk

Despite the many subtleties in the preparation of such meals, the process
requires a large amount of action, enough to fill products and
to stir the porridge from time to time. Look at the most popular recipes of porridge

Semolina with milk

The nutritional properties of a dish, and its easy digestibility, which
mess required a low concentration of fiber in semolina, a kind of porridge
milk takes the lion’s share of the diet of children in different years. For many of
we semolina is associated with all the pleasures of a carefree time

But not all are positive to the ladle. The reason is simple: lumps,
which appear in the semolina due to improper cooking. Let’s
here is a recipe of jam semolina with milk, which will help for once
eyelids to fulfill a childhood dream and indulge semolina without lumps. So
meet the classic recipe of this dish.


• Milk – 1300 ml;
• Semolina – 1 Cup;
• Sugar – 20 g;
• Salt – a pinch.

Wait until the milk comes to a boil, then slowly and gradually add the grits,
constantly stirring the porridge. Cook on medium heat for 10-15 minutes until the porridge on
milk will not be thick. Add the spices should be at the end. It is useful
will put in the porridge, a small piece of butter, and berries or

Oatmeal with milk

Cereals are considered as a product number 1 contents useful for
of body fats. Additional benefits of oat porridge with milk:
a large concentration of starch and vegetable protein in cereals.
Despite such “presentable” record, oatmeal
is commonly associated in children and adults with viscous monotonous taste and
“slippery” consistency. And why are only some of the hard shell of the oats,
which beat off all desire to eat this mess!

But today you have the chance to change everything. We will teach you how to cook
oatmeal with milk, tender and succulent, with a homogeneous texture without
occurring solid shells.


• Milk – 700 ml;
• Rolled oats – 250 ml;
• Salt – a small pinch.

Bring the milk to a boil, add the Hercules, then slowly
cook for 15 minutes until cereal becomes thick. Salt porridge preferably in
the end of the cooking process. When serving, add on top of the jam, for
the sweet tooth – sugar, butter.

Rice milk

This porridge is one of the most popular among children
audience as no different to any specific
features. Rice porridge tolerate it, and therefore this dish is
tasty, healthy and nutritious, bringing a lot of energy for the whole day.
We recommend you to add in cereal with milk rice jam, jam, chocolate
butter, berries or fruits.


• Rice – 250 g;
• Milk – 1 liter;
• Sugar – 20 gr.;
• Salt – mini-pinch.

Rice cereal to start should be well washed, that the milk is not
was paste and rice husk. Then bring the water to a boil, pour in
her rice and cook for 5 minutes. To drain the water.

Milk to boil, add in it rice and cook grits for 10-15
minutes not forgetting to stir. In the end, add the milk salt and
sugar, mix well, and leave under the lid. In the original recipe
the Soviet era contains 1 item recipe: to mess with “well stewed”,
you must hold it in a water bath for about 15 minutes.

We recommend instead, just to warm the pan in which the cooked
milk, warm towel and leave it “walk” in a warm place.

Millet porridge with milk

We should not naively believe that the bitter unpleasant taste of millet porridge on
milk – its usual characteristic, in fact it is not. On
really, the reason for the bitterness in the porridge of millet can be prolonged
storing in a closed jar or container.

To remove a bad taste, just rinse rump
for a long time under running water. Of course, there is rarely a time and
the desire to stand by the sink and a long time to wash the wheat, so to many
it is associated with a characteristic unpleasant taste and aroma.


• Wheat – 250 g;
• Milk – 750 ml;
• Sugar – 20 gr.;
• Salt – a pinch.

Wait until the milk boils and then put in a pan the washed cereals and
cook, stirring, over low heat for about half an hour. Add at the end
sugar and salt, again mix the milk, put in a water bath
for a period of time up to 20 minutes. You can also wrap the pot and set aside her
in a warm place.

Porridge “Friendship” with milk

One of the most popular Soviet kas – partly also due to the names
after a strong friendship was a priority in the party times. Many of us
prepare a porridge with milk, when I want to remember his childhood wonderful.


• Millet – 120 g;
• Rice – 120 g;
• Milk – 1 liter;
• Sugar – 40 gr.;
• Butter;
• A pinch of salt.

Cereal wash thoroughly under the tap. Milk bring to a boil, pour in
a pot of millet and rice, add spices, cook on a low
heat for about 30 minutes, stirring constantly.

Once the milk is ready, add to the pot a piece
butter, insulate it with a towel and place in a warm place for
a half an hour.
Bon appetit!

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