November 14, 2016

Hello, dear host!

Offer to cook porridge from whole grains of wheat and buckwheat in multivarka. The wheat to grow better, to increase its nutritional value.

Porridge whole wheat I tried to cook on the stove to see what is the healthiest cereal in the world? But I ate it only from considerations of use: the seeds do not seethe, the water is not absorbed. That is, the mess is not a mess…

The preparation of wholesome porridge made from whole grains in a slow cooker

When the kitchen appeared multivarka Panasonic, I again remembered the grains of wheat and decided to cook porridge on a special program “Milk porridge”. It provides the slow cooking of all the available modes.

  • – Before cooking the porridge I had pre-germinate the wheat.
  • – One Cup of sprouted wheat, I took 2 cups of water.Dry cereal must be previously soaked in water (because the wheat germ can also be dried for future use). Wheat can also be used without sprouting.
  • To thicken the porridge, I decided to add a few tablespoons of buckwheat — unground. It will absorb all excess water. Enough to put 3 level tablespoons.
  • – Salt add to taste
  • To make the program “Milk porridge”- it takes about 1 hour by default

Use whole grains

I must say that porridge made from whole wheat with buckwheat not only a good cereal, but also delicious. Before you yourself would like to eat and try, I’ll tell you how it tastes.

  • – It turns out that the taste of wheat and buckwheat blend very well and even become similar to each other
  • – Grain whole wheat with this mode of cooking are soft, though, and retain their shape
  • To porridge can add butter
  • – Such a mess you’ll eat with pleasure!

Now about the benefits. Whole grain wheat and buckwheat, and other whole grains (brown rice, oats, barley, corn, rye) contain fiber, vitamins, minerals, which are not in polished grain.

It is in the shell of the grain contains a large amount of fiber, which is removed in the production of cereals and flour. This is done with a good purpose — for better absorption of the product and improve palatability. Such recycled grains we largely eat every day.

What you need to know about fiber?

  • – Fiber acts in the body like a broom in the hands of a conscientious janitor. It cleanses the intestines, and thus all the body from toxic substances, absorbs and removes them.
  • – Helps maintain healthy microflora of the gastrointestinal tract
  • – Maintains the health of intestinal walls

It seems that such simple processes, but they are the basis of health in the body.

The daily rate of cellulose 30-80 g. In our usual diet of hardly a few percent of this amount.

Adequate supply of fiber will provide in the body

  • – the acid-alkaline balance
  • – normal digestion
  • – elimination of toxins
  • – synthesis and absorption of vitamins and minerals
  • – reduction of cholesterol
  • – antioxidant protection.

Think about how important it is for normal human life, to strengthen the protective forces!
Fiber wheat contains selenium. The grain of wheat is the leader on its contents. Only whole wheat grains — 100g — contains approximately 23 mcg of selenium.

Whole grain — a source of intake of valuable vitamins, which play a protective antioxidant role. Vitamins, trace elements — iron, magnesium and selenium — listed in business card whole grains. It is impossible to overestimate!

Buckwheat also has a one-piece shell. The use of buckwheat in human nutrition at the hearing at all. If you have health problems, including excess weight, it is necessary to register themselves on the use of buckwheat.

I will limit myself to these little sketches, just to indicate the importance of using whole grains in our diet.

Dear hostess, I recommend the recipe for Kashi whole wheat with buckwheat for a healthy diet for all family members!

I wish you health and culinary success with the slow cooker!

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