Cellulite: anti orange peel on any budget

August 1, 2016

We will not promise you miracles, but using these tools, you can handle the appearance of cellulite faster and more efficiently than without them!

CelluDestock, Vichy

It is based on pure caffeine and lipolytic activator: special formulation which accelerates the breakdown of adipocytes (fat cells), which form unsightly bumps. With daily use of anti cellulite you will notice an improvement in the thighs after a couple of weeks, but if you persevere and you will use the cream daily for 2 months, your cellulite will be generally invisible to others!

Price of about 2220 RUB

Lift Minceur Anti-Capitons, Clarins

In the formula modeling tool against cellulite 6 high-performance plant extracts that help slow down the activity of fat cells and not just reduce the appearance of existing cellulite on the thighs and buttocks, but also to prevent it from occurring in the future.

The price is about 3600 rubles

Celluli Laser Size Code Biotherm

Extracts of Yerba mate, Ginko biloba and green coffee strengthen the skin and give the effect of the drain — remove excess liquid. Thus you become noticeably slimmer and your thighs look toned!

The price was about 3700 rubles

Plants, Ahava

Cream with Dead sea minerals, restores skin elasticity, rejuvenates it and makes it more elastic due to the presence in the extracts of Centella asiatica and dates. This cellulite treatment improves overall body tone, promotes elasticity, the figure becomes more taut and the surface of the skin becomes healthy.

The price is about 2000 rubles

Crema Anticellulite SNELL, GUAM

The cream has a warming action: when rubbed, its temperature increases, due to which it penetrates deeper into the skin. And there helps drain excess fluids, decreases body fat, stimulates the breakdown of fat, increases blood circulation. Best used as a wrap under wrap and a towel to create a greenhouse effect.

The price is about 2800 rubles

Modeling cream-gel Garnier

Caffeine and marine algae extracts reduce the appearance of cellulite in 21 days and reduce the number of bumps and get rid of the orange peel effect is possible if to use the cream for a couple of months.

The price is about 400 rubles.

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