Casual Wear Outfits For Pageants

May 6, 2017

Wouldn’t you like to dress up your little daughter in the most special way when she’s the flower girl at one of the family weddings? Similarly, for beauty pageants and theme parties, little girls need fancy dresses too. As a result, mothers and older sisters are constantly on the lookout for beautiful party dresses for little girls, and today, there are lots of stores that offer such dresses at different prices.

Pageant dresses are not all of the same style and finish. Some have cuts and fits like traditional ball gowns, only in a much smaller size. These are ideal for participating in beauty pageants. There are also cowgirl outfits (complete with cowgirl boots), cheerleader or dancer dresses, and interestingly old fashioned clothing that somehow don’t look out of place even today, especially if the wearer is a little girl.

There are many websites you will come across if you type in the keyword pageant dresses. But not all online stores will have the same collection. Some specialize in themed costumes, while others are great for ball dresses. You have to do some picking and choosing before you settle on what you need and what you actually buy.

Teen pageants are a popular contest today, and like many people will tell you, the dress is of prime importance; sometimes more important than the Q and A round or the talent hunt part. A great dress is an extension of the contestant’s personality. The judges acknowledge that, so there’s no denying it.

A pageant dress, instead of just making the contestant look good, should bring out her uniqueness. Quite a few dressmakers should be able to make you something that suits your body type, coloring, and attitude. Make sure that what you pick is a single piece. It would be very awkward if two contestants came in wearing the same dress. But if you can lay your hands on something worn by an ex-winner, you could derive some inspiration from it.

The point of being so choosy in getting a dress is that it should enhance the wearer’s figure, highlighting a toned back, or nicely shaped shoulders or long legs, but at the same time, is has to be elegant. All dresses won’t go with all pageants. For older girls, the objective should be to look classy and alluring at the same time. Older girls could get pageant dresses in a range of hues, well fitted on top, but flowing in sheer fabric at the bottom. Younger teens should not reveal too much skin. Sex appeal doesn’t suit a fourteen year old face and body. In contests with younger contestants, judges focus on personality and intelligence rather than perfect curves.

Never forget your figure flaws when you are shopping for a pageant dress. Get something that highlights the maintained parts and hides the flab. What draws you on the shelves may not suit you that well. Trying on the dress is a must before you buy it. The ideal dress is one which looks great both on and off you.

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