July 1, 2016

This gentle taste of cheese is familiar to everyone since childhood. Moreover casserole, flavored with one of the best berries, is a Symphony of taste. It seems that the three main ingredients – cheese, strawberry and vanilla created in order to be together. No one would argue that casserole with strawberries has beneficial properties. Cheese is a mine of useful body protein and calcium, its natural properties allow it to be better absorbed and with impeccable taste to give us their useful properties. Strawberry is a precious vitamin C. the Properties of this vitamin is to strengthen our health, it is an antioxidant. Eating strawberries in any form improves immunity and mood!

Options for cooking casseroles

There are several recipes for puddings with strawberries, the same is the composition of these three components.

1.Cheese you can add whole strawberries. In this case, get cheesecake with strawberries with a pleasant acidity.

2.You can pre-grind the strawberries with vanilla and sugar and add to the cream cheese. The end result is no less delicious berry cheesecake. This option is preferred by children.

3.The third option is a bit more complex, but much more delicious. If the curd carefully grind blender with all remaining ingredients, except the strawberries, and on the bottom of the dish to put the grated biscuits, makes a fabulous cheesecake, which, before you send in the oven, it is necessary to lubricate the shredded strawberries. The flavor of the finished dish promises to impress.

For starters, casserole with strawberries, the recipe of which you can see below, is the simplest recipe of baking. Saving it in bookmarks, do not have to memorize the ingredients and he more than once can be useful. Cooking will take a minimum of time, and the result of the finished dish – fed family, clean plates, happy guests.

Ingredients for pudding with strawberries serves 4

•600 grams of cottage cheese;

•3 eggs;

•2 tbsp semolina;

•40 grams of butter;

•0.5 teaspoon of vanilla sugar;

•1,5 S. T. of sugar;

•300 grams of strawberries.

Step-by-step recipe cheese pie with strawberries

1.That casserole came out of the air, the cheese must grind through a sieve or carefully beat with a mixer.

2.To the cream cheese add the eggs, vanilla, sugar and semolina. Again all thoroughly.

3.Butter is needed to grease the pan for baking.

4.In form, greased, put a layer of cheese, then a layer of strawberries and another layer of cheese.

5.Bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 40 minutes.

Pudding with strawberries is a hearty Breakfast, perfect healthy snack and a nice dessert for the holiday table.

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