November 14, 2016

Hello, dear friends! After his photoshoot for the mushrooms will tell you that I have made.
In the mushroom season a potato with mushrooms it is impossible to confine. Mushroom dishes after a great many.

Buckwheat porridge with mushrooms

When I was interested in kas — what are they good for and how to better prepare, something often came across the recipe “Buckwheat porridge with mushrooms”. And now I remembered about him. In my opinion, this porridge is also called “Monastic”. I can not vouch for accuracy, but I like the name.

Buckwheat itself praises

Yes, porridge made of buckwheat is good in itself. But adding in a dish of mushrooms changed everything so that it is difficult to know the plain buckwheat. This dish is self-sufficient and picturesque. And the recipe is very simple.

I will use for cooking porridge — the slow cooker, although the mushrooms themselves I boiled in the usual way on the stove.

Let me remind you that I brought from forest, white, boletus and aspen mushrooms. Also added a couple of chanterelles.

The first water after boiling mushrooms, I drained, filled with hot water again, salt and cooked them for 20 minutes.

Mushrooms in the broth were placed in a slow cooker, estimating the amount of broth. If we take 1 Cup of cereals, liquid need 2 cups. I estimated by eye and added to the broth in 1 Cup of hot water.

Buckwheat porridge with mushrooms

1 Cup of buckwheat you need to go through. The question — to wash or not to wash? Most often in the recipes they write — “do not wash!” Explanation for this reason I have not found. I suppose that just tastes better. But to improve the taste still recommend the cereal to be heated.
I usually washed and put into the water.

For cooking I needed onions. 2-3 small onions to taste. You can cut finely, half rings, who he loves.

Note that I don’t roast. So the recipe turns out a simple and diet. Oil I do not use. Although the finished porridge can add butter, which loves buckwheat.
Onions added to the pot of the multicooker. Still need to add salt to taste.

Buckwheat with grilliot all in the preparation. Which program should I choose for this dish? I first turned on the mode “Buckwheat” in their Panasonic slow cooker. Although, I prefer for all meals yearning for the “milk porridge”. Without waiting for the end of the program, I turned it off after 30 minutes, the dish is “rose”. You can leave it for a while with the lid closed for uprawiania.

Buckwheat with mushrooms — peasant food

To buckwheat porridge I used to since childhood, and today we prepare a delicious dish. And I remembered, for some reason, the recent a tour in the Belarusian town of Mir in the Mir castle, where we were told that the gentlemen chefs were peasants. Here probably they were preparing such a mess! We were shown how the castle was organized by the economic part, where products were stored, including the stock of grains, barrels of pickles. In the 16th century, interestingly, already salted mushrooms? Then was a popular old-Polish cuisine, which was characterized by a peculiar oiliness, sharpness and spice. And the richer the person was, the more he had to eat and hit with abundance of food!
Yes, but I digress. Fat for our meal does not apply. But the Association with simple peasant food I have.

This mess someone likes to add chopped boiled egg. But isn’t protein the meal? Protein on protein and protein-chases! This option can advise athletes to increase muscle mass. Would this and my boys who buy protein blend, when you start working with dumbbells.

Do not boil the buckwheat!

In General, buckwheat is best steamed and not boiled. When I cook plain porridge without additives in the form of onions, carrots , I just bring it to a boil on the stove and turn off. Then covered with a warm cap for the teapot. And there she comes to preparedness. I love it — simple and with minimal heat treatment. Water need to take 2 : 1 or 1.5 : 1, as like. Selected from practice.

That’s what I wanted to talk about the dish from their fungi.

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