Brilliant house for kid came up with a couple, who are parents

January 20, 2017

How to make a space for the development of the child is not only safe, but also beautiful.

Whitney Lee Morris and her husband Adam Winkelman can serve as an example of a healthy attitude to education. They are absolutely real parents, who live in a tiny house in California, and they conquered the house the idea of a child’s development.

No, you won’t see cubes everywhere, bibs and developing mobiles, they are not so insane. It’s much easier — they changed their adult life so that it became safe and interesting baby. Now their son is 3 months and he lives in the same house with my parents and two adorable dogs.

If you look at the pictures, there is a feeling that you are trapped in some fairy tale. What is the secret?

The first thing parents did, it got rid of unnecessary things and decided not to hoard them in the future.

“We have a small house and stocks be stored just anywhere. We alerted all friends that won’t accept a gift of toys for the child, as if they wanted to do. Instead, we asked our friends to attend otherwise.”
They agreed that those who bestow the family will take care of the food for parents. So the first two weeks after birth the family was not having to cook at all.

“It’s important when you’re so exhausted from sleepless nights”.

“Now our son is 3 months. He needs clothes on for this age, a couple of shifts. When he grows up we’ll be able to “give away” clothes the next size, but this will give. No, we don’t have a wardrobe with things for growth and we will not keep the old sliders even sentimental reasons”.

“We want him to grow up among beautiful things, but was able not to get attached to things.”

The second secret: beautiful things.
“Even leashes for dogs, we chose an ornament that the child could play with them with pleasure.”

The third secret: bright white-grey color. So the house looks bigger than it is.

Fourth: the safety of the child.
“We threw away, cleaned or secured everything that could fall on the baby in his travels around the house. We have most of the furniture made of rattan, it is difficult to hurt or get hurt. As we examined the area around the house. We can let children play not only at home but also on the land without fearing for his safety”.

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