Breakfast-designer. How to create the perfect menu for a slim figure?

August 17, 2016

Frantic pace of life, the catastrophic lack of time are major challenges to healthy eating. And sometimes most importantly – a good Breakfast we just don’t have time. However, this is not a reason every morning to swallow hastily a candy bar, washing it down with sweet coffee or on the way to the office to shake off the blouse crumbs crispy envelope with cream. Do you recognize yourself? Rather then study the list of products from which you can easily build a simple and healthy Breakfast in 5 minutes. Print it, hang it on the wall and make sure that products were always in your fridge or storage areas.

Hercules (oat flakes)

Unrefined grains are the main sources of complicated carbohydrates.

Rich in fiber Breakfast reduces calorie consumption within the expense of fullness. Eating oatmeal for Breakfast, you will protect yourself from excess weight, however, remember that this rule does not apply to advertised cereals that contain excessive amounts of sugar, harmful TRANS fats and many food additives.

What combination of: fruit, yogurt

Tip: porridge is not necessary to boil, pour cereal with hot water and leave the lid on for a few minutes, then add fruit or nuts, and your Breakfast is ready.

Rye (whole grain) bread

A quality mixture of different carbohydrates needed to maintain strength during the day. Rye or whole grain bread provides us with minerals, fiber and vitamins of group B.

What to combine: vegetables, cheese


Eggs contain such minerals as calcium, magnesium, zinc, essential for a healthy immune system, iodine, iron and phosphorous and vitamins: A, B2, Niacin (B3), B6, Biotin, B12, D and folic acid. And, of course, an indispensable protein which accounts for about 10 grams for one egg.

What to combine: vegetables, rye/wholegrain bread, cheese


Proteins in the milk product for the presence of amino acids close to the proteins of organs and tissues, in addition to the cheese contains the essential amino acids that the body does not produce self – methionine, tryptophan and lysine, and the content of calcium in cheese is much higher than in cottage cheese, as many believe. In addition, the digestibility of the nutrients in the cheese reaches 99%, which gives a feeling of fullness.

What combination of: rye/wholegrain bread, vegetables, eggs.

Unsweetened yogurt

Contains vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and beneficial bacteria, increases resistance to stress and strengthens the immune system. Choose yogurt with real live cultures and minimal amount of preservative additives.

What to combine: cereal, fruit.


Milk protein (casein) contained in cheese can replace animal proteins, as it has high nutritional value, necessary for the body daily dose of protein, 300 grams of cheese, and lactic acid bacteria improve digestion, regulate intestinal peristalsis. Amino acids protect the liver tissue and improve its work.

What combination of: a fruit.

Fruits and berries

Normalize intestinal function, give the feeling of satiety due to the fiber, but only fruits you should not substitute Breakfast. Combine fruit and berries with cottage cheese or yogurt, coupled with protein, they will be much more useful and prolong the feeling of satiety. In the winter time go for the dried fruit.

Tip: a favorite by many adherents of a healthy lifestyle a glass of juice for Breakfast – not the best choice. There are a lot of “fast sugars” and in the morning they are categorically not welcome, as it dramatically increases the level of glucose in the blood, provoke the feeling of hunger and contribute to weight gain.

What to combine: cereal, yogurt, cottage cheese.


Contains flavonoids, minerals, antioxidants. Boosts concentration and performance, gives energy.

Tip: coffee has to be natural, without added sugar, cream or ice cream!

Green tea

Strengthens the immune system, promotes the excellent state of nails, hair and teeth. Is an effective antioxidant that inhibits free radicals in the body, reducing the risk of cancer.

Green tea contains the equivalent of caffeine – theine, which activates the energy of the human brain, improves mood, and with it the capacity and activity.

Julianna Pliskin, expert on nutrition, author of the book “Mitey”, Wellness coach.

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