Bouquet for two: how to make the perfect gift for February 14

February 3, 2017

Ahead of the most romantic holiday of the year, and to really feel the magic, the company TerraFiori proposes to create an amazing bouquet with their hands.

you will need:

  1. vase in the shape of heart (we chose plastic, decorated with birch bark)
  2. floral base foam
  3. roses, branches of a pistachio branch with moss, Sedum, the leaves of alocasia,
  4. decor, scissors and pliers.

All the flowers for this gorgeous composition – artificial plants from TerraFiori that simulates live. The decor looks natural and realistic, very easy to use, hypoallergenic and absolutely not affected by neither temperature nor time. So that the flowers in your house can appear not only on the occasion.

The final chord of the composition – of course, the aroma, and if you want plants you can sprinkle special aromasteam.

The author of the composition: award-winning florist (silver medalist of the European championship in floristry in Genova (2016) and part-time Ambassador of the company TerraFiori – Roman Steinhauer.1. Insert the branch in vase branch is very plastic, in contrast to the lively, and allows you to create an interesting shape.

2. Next, insert the same way rose, pistachio and leaves, all the branches are fixed by the ends in the floral base. You must make sure that the plants like spray jets of the fountain, fell down.
If necessary, the ends of the plants easily trimmed with a pair of pliers or scissors. 3. You can add a final touch black pink lilac garland of crystals.

It gives the song will be even more original. Everything is ready – just have to keep the flowers and plants.

Maria Vasilyeva

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