“Born in a shirt”. Unique video how it looks in reality

August 22, 2016

Caution, do not watch if scared! The child was born in Spain in General, the amniotic bag .This happens at most once for 80 000 births.

And in the video, these moments come more rarely. Not surprisingly, the video got 26 million views.

The amniotic SAC in normal circumstances is broken at the onset of labor. This is the most “water broke”. Cesarean section amniotic sack open surgeons. Sometimes a baby is born with fragments of the bag body or head. But to be born in a fully preserved amniotic bubble — a great rarity.

Twin this baby was born several minutes before him in the usual way. And this little guy is here. In the video you can see how he breathes inside of the bladder using a blue cord.

The doctors and nurses about half a minute looking at a unique spectacle that you get to see a once in a lifetime. No, don’t worry, for the child is no danger.

The bladder is opened with surgical scissors and the baby was delivered on the air. That first cry.

According to the materials dailymail

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