December 2, 2016

Hibiscus tea is a herbal drink from the flowers of Rosella or hibiscus sabdariffa the Hibiscus genus. This drink has a very large number of names “and the Sudanese red rose”, “Kandahar”. As it is often called the “drink of the pharaohs” as the excavations in the tombs of the pharaohs had traces of flowers that testified to the fact that they were used in ritual ceremonies. In Egypt, the Hibiscus was considered God’s gift and cure of most diseases and ailments. Today the plant is grown in tropical regions around the world. The plant is widely distributed in Eastern Asia, where great value food and ornamental production. For example, in Malaysia it can be seen in the form of public character on local coins.

And as it became known later due to research, the ancient Egyptians were not mistaken and narrow-minded was from the truth. Because the leaves and flower baskets, which are used for making hibiscus tea, rich in valuable ingredients anthocyanins, trace elements, fruit acids. Pigmentary substances anthocyanins take part in the formation of cells and tissues of vessels, strengthens their walls, reduces the permeability of capillaries. They also are strong antioxidants with anti-cancer properties.
Part of the plants potassium supports the cardiovascular muscles. In combination with anthocyanins a trace mineral potassium full effect on the entire cardiovascular system.
The leaves contain ascorbic acid and citric acid. That is why the drink has such a distinctive flavor sour. 100 g of hibiscus sabdariffa to dry falls in about 140 mg of vitamin C. This is not a high figure, but still, a combination of fruit acids makes a valuable drink and diet with General tonic effect.
Many substances dissolve petals, but after welding, the pulp sheets saves valuable pectin. These pectins are able to regulate the gastro-intestinal tract and clear it of harmful toxins. For this reason, many nutritionists recommend after brewing to eat some leaves from the drink.
There was even conducted by American scientists in the experiment, which involved 65 people aged 30 to 70 years suffering from high blood pressure 1,2 and 3 degrees. All of these involved people were divided into two groups. The first took hibiscus tea, and the second took a placebo – a harmless pill with milk sugar and without active substance. After 1.5 months of the experiment there was a noticeable decrease in pressure an average of 10 percent of the group that took tea. At the end of the experiment, the experts concluded that the undisputed benefits of this tea for people with hypertension is able to reduce high blood pressure. The temperature of the beverage plays no role, it can be taken either warm or cold types.
The plant from which prepared hibiscus tea, is considered not allergenic product. It can be used by people who are prone to food allergies.
Hibiscus tea can not affect the hormonal background of a person, therefore restrictions on sex is not. It is recommended to take both women and men. Also drink has no age limit. Even in moderation are safe for pregnant women. The only contraindication for use is the tendency of the body to low pressure, as in the use of tea pressure may drop even lower.
In the market for a drink you can find a lot of different varieties of hibiscus sabdariffa. It is sold in different packaging, ranging from small bags to large bulk packages. To date, the selection is very diverse, but each type has a different utility. In order to choose the most useful, I suggest to be guided by such principles.
1. Pay attention to the flowers. The size of the flowers depends on the usefulness of the drink. Than they are larger, they contain more components. You need to choose the composition, which colors at least 10 inches in diameter.
2. Petals. The quality of the product depends on the integrity of the petals. Broken leaves not only affects appearance, but also on the composition of tea. Because a large number of creases indicates that it is too dry, and most of the useful and valuable components were lost.
3. Color. High-quality raw materials, the color must be bright red. Ruby color says only that the petals contain large amounts of Entuziastov.
4. Packing. It should be transparent in order to see and appreciate the visual product.
5. Say “no” to packaged tea. I one hundred percent agree that it is very convenient, but still this tea should not take it. In the process of grind, all valuable qualities are completely lost.
Buying only high-quality materials, you can get huge benefits from tea. Yes taste of this tea is much brighter and more intense, which is fun.
Be healthy!

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