July 2, 2016

That beer is harmful, we are told from childhood. We’ve all heard about the consequences of his abuse – the emergence of alcohol dependence (there is even a special term invented by doctors – beer drinking), the presence in beer of toxic substances (including all known analogue of the putrid poison – cadaverine), of the withering away of brain cells.

Men are frightened by changes in hormone balance from male to female, female risk of cancer problems with the breast, and all of them big and ugly “beer belly”. And I must admit – frightened rightly. Excessive frothy beverage does all of these extremely undesirable consequences. But if hand on heart, absolutely harmless products simply do not exist. Does not exist! And the beer turned out to be can benefit. It’s all about the dose. “There is no concept of poison, there is no concept of medicine, is the concept of dose” – said the ancient healers, and was a thousand times right.

And so what beer can be useful. Say at once – it is a natural drink, no artificial food additives and preservatives and used not more than 1 liter per day.

As it turned out, if drinking beer in the normal range, the probability to earn a heart disease is reduced significantly. Intoxicating drink used in moderate doses efficiently regulate the flow of the most part metabolic processes in the body and slows the aging process. The reason for this is the presence in the beer is a pretty decent amount of b vitamins that actively stimulate the production of blood hemoglobinopathic red blood cells, known as erythrocytes.

The calorie content of beer

Contrary to popular belief in society perception of beer, low-calorie product. The calories are much lower than in many so-called “diet” products, for example fruit juices or milk, 30 calories. However there’s a lurking “gotcha” – itself being a low-calorie beer stimulates the appetite, causing it to absorb other products. From here and the risk in the end to earn “beer belly”.

Beer contains a fair amount of trace elements. This is extremely useful for the brain phosphorus is also necessary for muscle function magnesium, and iron, without which there is formed the blood.

Dissolved natural beer phytoestrogens prevent the leaching the body of calcium, strengthening bones. Polyphenols improves the eyesight, has a beneficial effect on the heart, and organic acids are not allowed to develop osteoporosis.

How to drink beer

As you can see, beer is the drink serious, and because of the attitude requires a serious. Drink it slowly, slowly, enjoying the taste and not forgetting about the sense of measures. Exceeded the norm – and the benefits passed to the harm. It is important to be able to control myself. Not know – do not touch the glass. Control yourself and then everything will be as it should.

Wish you all the best. Get pleasure from life. But do not forget about safety precautions.

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